• Esanth Moyo

The Ordinary’s First Facial Cleanser | A Review

The squalane cleanser and makeup remover is the Ordinary‘s first face wash and given their affordable pricing, I was over joyed by the prospect of this new edition to the range.

Naturally I had to try it and feed back to you all.


The packaging is perfect for travelling it closes very tight and minimises the chance of leaks, we all know accidents do happen and spills are inevitable when dealing with liquids but due diligence has been taken to make sure this is kept at a minimum.

I appreciate that so much, and for the effort I will give Deciem some brownie points.

Product main ingredient

Squalene is a naturally occurring in the human body and is found in selbum on the skin, it helps keep the skin plump by retaining hydration. So it only makes sense for it to be used in skincare products, though a cleanser doesn’t stay long enough on the skin to make a significant difference it’s always nice to know that Ingredients that matter have been add as every little helps I guess.

Squalene comes first in the ingredient list of this cleanse. For that I applaud them.

My thoughts

The cleanser is pleasent enough to use, it doesn’t irritate my skin, though I felt a little tingling on initial contact.

It’s a great makeup remover that leaves the skin smooth and feeling silky.

However, I can’t say it’s the best cleanser I have ever used I didn’t see a difference to my skin because of using it either.

I think this is a basic cleanser does the the job great at makeup removal comes in at a fraction of the cost compared to some cleansing products we see around.

If you want a holistic apprach to your skincare routine, I recommend using this as a makeup remover only and stepping up your game on the second cleanse; with a product with much more active ingredients.

For the price this is a no brainer and for young skin and those without much issues to target by all means use this as your first and second cleanse.

My experience hasn’t been mind blowing nor has it been bad it’s just been (meh).

I hope this helps. Ask me any questions in the comment box below.