• Esanth Moyo

Deep Cleansing Facial Routine | For Oily Combination Skin

Hi its either a very warm welcome or welcome back to my blog and thank you for stopping by. Skincare is my thing and if you want to know more about the why and how you can find out all about it here.

This post is about my at home deep cleansing facial routine. I have combination skin that is more oily than anything else, this makes a deep cleanse regime an essential part of maintaiNing clear skin.

For this routine this is what I need.

  • Cleanser I used the Elemis procollagen cleansing balm and the Cerave foaming facial cleanser.

  • Exfoliator I used the Pixi Peel & Polish.

  • Mask I used a the love beauty foods natural face mask mixed with apple cider vinegar.

  • Mask number 2 I used the Ultra Royal Glow Queen sheet mask from Abybom.

  • Moisturiser I used the Sukin Oil balancing mattifying facial moisturiser.

I also need the following

  • A facial steamer

  • Mask application brush and a flannel.

I always double cleanse because the first wash is just to remove any impurities that sit on top of the skin, then the repeat cleanse is the actual proper face wash that cleanse my pores and prepares my skin for the products to follow.

I usually prefer using a balm cleanser followed by a gel or cream cleanser, I have to say introducing double cleansing in my routine might possibly be the singe most important thing I did for my skin.

When I pamper my skin I usually steam my face, while I massage the second cleanser; to promote deep cleansing of the pores by loosening any clogs and increasing blood circulation to the face. I have written about my cleansing routines in-depth here.

After Cleansing I then exfoliate, top tip: to achieve great looking skin always steam your face first then exfoliate this allows you to rip the full benefits of the facial steam.

After steaming my face I then apply a clay mask, leave it on for 15 minutes or until starting to dry.

(I never let it dry completely before I remove it.)

For that extra spa special treat I apply a sheet mask, this is great for depositing skin benefiting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and or other vitamins.

These ingredients are usually in liquid foam that quickly evaporates from the skin but a sheet mask allows for deep penetration making them more efficient at delivering nutrients to the skin than regular serums.

Top tip never let a sheet mask dry on your face as it then starts to draw out moisture.

After the application of a sheet mask if I had a LED light therapy kit this is where I would apply it, it is great for helping rejuvenate and repair the skin, unfortunately I don't have it, so I just apply my moisturiser and my routine is complete.

If you find this routine helpful leave a note below and tell me what article you would like me to post next.