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Korean Skincare How to Achieve Glass Skin | My Recommendations

So it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, let me explain why; I have been busy building a new business while I was doing this I found myself exhausted and uninspired to do what I love which is blogging and vlogging; so I stopped.

The aim is never to bring you content just to fill space but to bring true value and I didn’t believe I would have been a capable of this during this busy period.

That being said I did make a few YouTube videos that discussed what I was up to, you can find these here.

Without further ado let me get straight into today’s post, I am here to share with you a Korean routine that will give you glass skin in no time. The products I used are not exclusively Korean but the routines is inspired by the Asian 10 step routine.

The first step in achieving clear glowing skin that mimics glass skin is a good cleanse. I advice you to use a good flannel to cleanse or use a cleansing brush. I say this because when you are in a rush these help remove makeup and gently exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin.

If these are not at hand make sure you cleanse with a good quality cleaners for at least 60 seconds using your hands you can learn more about a good cleansing routine


Exfoliation is key to revealing clearer brighter skin so definitely follow your cleanse with an exfoliating acid that suits your skin type.

The types of chemical exfoliants I use include glycolic, lactic and mandelic acid. These usually come in the form of a liquid to be applied before serums and once every week I try and make sure I use an exfoliating mask too so as to boost the results.

Side note, It’s good skincare practise to let product sit for a few minutes before following on with the next product.

So if I have time I give it 5 minutes before applying my moisturising sheet mask, which usually follows after the chemical peel, this then stays on for 20 minutes.

The sheet mask is usually saturated with skin benefiting ingredients, they are better applied by the sheet mask because these usually come in water form and can easily dry out if applied in the traditional way, so a sheet mask helps prolong product exposure to the skin hence encouraging deeper penetration into the dermis giving us plump and hydrate skin leaving it dewy and well nourished

After a sheet mask I use an ampoule this falls in the same family as serum and essences. It is usually used as a boaster not as part of a long term skincare regiment, I am currently using the Wonji Effect Vita Moisture Ampoule. Because my skin doesn’t need much more than this I stop here and apply a face cream on top. Soon after the face cream I apply the Erborian glow cream this is what now helps to highlight and contour the face giving the illusion of glass skin. It is imperative that my skin is in tip top condition to achieve this look or else dry dehydrated or skin that lacks lustre can never present as glass skin. I hope this helps, you can watch a YouTube video I did last year on how to achieve glass skin here. You can always adapt the products used to suit what you have in your cabinet, don't feel presuured to find these exact products.

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