• Esanth Moyo

The Best Indie Skincare & Why | Featuring A.Florence Skincare

A.Florence skincare products are the indie skincare goodies of the moment, this lady has created a luxury range that is accessible to almost everyone. To say I have put these products through their pace is an understatement, I have been using them for almost two months none stop so for those who like skincare and learning about new products please pay attention if you miss this one you will kick yourself for it.


A.florence creates small skincare product batches which are cruelty free and contain concentrated skincare nutrients which are high performing yet gentle on sensitive skin.

Their formulations are created using traditional pharmacological studies, dermatological studies, and some of the studies of George and Mildred Burr, who are the founders of the essential fatty acids. They have made high quality cold-pressed Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids the centre of their formulas as they believe these are extremely important for the skin barrier.

Balm to Milk Cleanser

By far the best cleanser I have used to date, it’s a thick balm that easily melts in the palm of my hands, it creates a wonderful oil/balm elixir that is a pleasure to use as a cleanser or facial massage oil.

It smells earthy, I personally think the scent is exquisite and would love to see a similar smelling home fragrance from the range.

It would just help create a spa like ambiance, making that Sunday self care routine even more luxurious.

The balm removes every trace of makeup in one go, leaving the skin soft and supple, it works well with every other product in the range and this is visible almost instantly, by that I mean a couple of days of use and the skin starts to take a turn towards youthful tendencies.

Blemish SOS

This is a clarifying facial oil perfect for breakout prone skin, it’s wonderfully nourishing and does not disrupt the skin by drying it out when treating the breakouts. It contains anti inflammatory, deeply exfoliating properties that include Thioctic (Alpha Lipoic) Acid, Salicylic Acid and highly nourishing cold pressed oils. Fantastic on my oily sensitive acne prone skin.

Super Serum

This is an anti pollution defence serum that boosts skin's natural protective and repair mechanisms against sun damage.

It helps stimulates collagen production and cell turnover resulting in overall skin brightening. The best part is this serum does not contain any essential oils making it ideal for extra sensitive skin.

Intense Night Repair

This is a highly potent night time treatment that contains Retinol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E and Co-Q10+ all these and many more ingredients create the perfect concoction for treating wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pore congestion.

I was left with healthy vibrant skin, that needs very little to no makeup. This is one of my hero products in the whole range and would say if you where to buy only one product from a.florence Skincare let it be this and the balm cleanser, okay maybe! I can’t pick only one make it two then 😀.

Hydration Booster Serum

Is a hydration booster serum it contains Peptides, Niacinamide a form of vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate, plump and brighten the skin, while keeping hormonal breakouts and inflammation at bay with stabilised Vitamin C and Willow Bark extract.

It is great to layer under any of the products mentioned above for a powerful skincare cocktail, this is actually one of their best selling products and you need to try it for yourself to see why.

Skin Barrier Restoring Serum

This is perfect when I need a calming/soothing after a few days of using exfoliates and retinol

products, it’s deeply nourishing and helps

to regenerate a compromised skin barrier.

It costs £36 for 20mls but it will last you for a very long time.

You know I always give you my two cents on every product and if I think it’s worth every penny, this range here is so worth you paying attention.

I don’t mean to compare but I challenge you to use this range side by side with any one of your high priced skincare and let me

Know your honest opinion.

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