• Esanth Moyo

Urban Decay Born To Run Review Swatches & Try On

So Urban Decay have been at it again, tempting us with a luscious eye shadow palette. This time around I can safely say it’s perfect if you love colour or even a neutral look.

I don’t experiment often with eyeshadow colours but thats about to change because as I swatched these shadows and I felt they where pigmented enough yet not intimidating.

The first row presents us with beautiful neutral colours mainly mattes,though a few have a slight hint of shimmer.

Then the second row is a women of colour’s dream with deep warm tones that could even be neutrals on the darkest of shades a few, beautiful shimmers are introduced delicately with no glitter to worry about, they are just so tastefully created.

Even I can use these eyeshadows.

The final row contains the eyeshadows that will bring drama to the table, unapologetically vibrant yet classy.

Everyone one needs this palette as my words won’t do it justice.

A video will follow on how I would create different looks with the born to run eye shadow palette.

Please bare in mind I am just like you not a makeup guru just your girl next door. So let’s experiment together.

The neutral look I created below was achieved using three eye shadows; blaze as a base, punk on the outer edge of my eyes and double life on the eye socket and tear ducts. I blended the eyeshadow together using stillshot to create a flawless look.

I did not wear eye lash extensions so you could appreciate the look.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review, if you would like to see more looks created using this palette leave a comment below.

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