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Hour Glass Transulucent Setting Powder a Review for Darkskin ~ Should you buy?

Of late I have been trying out drugstore products in order to curb my designer beauty addiction. I was doing well until hourglass decided to go on and release their latest addition a Veil translucent setting powder. I tried to resist purchasing initially even though I was in the market for a highend makeup powder.

Why a highend translucent powder you ask, well the drugstore products I have been using where just destroying my perfect makeup everytime. They are not as fine and left a white cast no matter how much blending I did 😒. So there you have it my cheapness could not continue at the cost of me wearing poorly applied makeup daily. I live for beauty so I had to make the plunge.

I am glad I did because this product did not disappoint let’s review it step by step.


I have heard so many people say it’s fancy and luxurious. I beg to differ it’s a beautiful case but it’s plastic, a thick frosted plastic mind you. I guess this makes it easy to travel with, but for me this packing would have been elevated to the next level by a glass or insulated type packaging, ‘just saying it’s not a deal breaker’.

I love that the H that dispenses the powder keeps it contained and the lid makes sure no mess is created resulting in very minimal waste of product.

The Setting Powder

This is where Hourglass truly come into their own, the powder is white/creamy so of course you can imagen me rolling my eye at first glance. However, it’s so finely milled and honestly translucent it genuinely works on any skin tone. I love it 😍, it blends beautifully and sits well underneath foundation or on top of foundation.

I really wanted this not to work so I can have something to grumble about but the pessimist in me was not indulged.

I am afraid I will have to stock up on this 😦 and I have no intentions on changing to anything else anytime soon.


By no means cheap at £36 for 10.5g compared to the 29g for £29 you get from Laura Mercier, if I where to pick one between the two I pick hour glass I’m sorry, it’s just that good for me. And when it comes to powders you all don’t know the struggle of dark skin girls.


Do I even need to make it official, I am smitten and I challenged you to find a better translucent powder, I will definitely try and make a fair comparison.

I also like the fact that this powder gives a flawless filter on videos and no back flash on pictures or shall I say it gives very minimal back flash.

What are your thoughts on the Hourglass Translucent setting powder! Do you think there is a better competitor out there?

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