• Esanth Moyo

PR products I have received this month | & I am likely to use

Hi Guys so I thought I would share with you the products I have recived as PR gifts recently and I will be trying out or have already done so. I believe whole heartedly that my purpose on the blogshere is to showcase the underdog in the beauty industry by that I mean small brands that are still up and coming. I also believe this is where most of our skincare answer lye as I discovered for my self when I tried turblis read about it here.

1.  This will be nothing new to my avid readers Mintd is my tried and tested go to skincare curator read about this box here This is that luxury beauty gift from you to you every month or bi monthly what ever you budget allows. It can be seen every month on my blog and all over my social media platform. I am biased so do feel free to make up your own mind by doing a little bit of research on what other people say about this beauty box. 

2. Water, yes seriously I receive water to try far more often than you would exepect this time around I got the Earth water, which is black with a pH of 9.5 and 70+ trace minerals. I am currently not getting used to the taste but I shall give it a good go and see how it goes. Learn more about it here .

3. I received a large parcel from A.florence before I tried these, I thought here we go again another skincare company that does the same thing probably over priced. Without getting into too much detail I will reserve that for a review, let me tell you, I am already getting a panic attack worrying about running out of their balm to milk cleanser and their intense night repair. It’s so affordable you need to try it so we compare notes. 

I honestly think brands like this are the reason why I will never turn down small up and coming skincare brands. Of all the not so good products I get to try I discover one serious about skincare line that it makes it all worth while. 

4. Erborian is not new to me it’s a company I work with often and trust their products, so to me trying new products from their range is always amazing and a no brainier. At the moment I am actually really liking their black soap, I don’t use this everyday, I use it when I need to deep cleanse and exfoliate which is once in a while depending on when I have time. 

5. What’s missing from this PR haul are images of some Niod products by Deciem

that have been ordered for me but haven’t yet arrived, to see these and how I will incorporate them into my routine be sure to be following me on Instagram @prettypeachblossom

The rest of the products that arrive at my door, don’t get to make it this far usually because I am not sure if they are compatible with my skin type, or I am just not sold on the brand ethos  I usually pass them forward to other people who might appreciate them much more or take them

to a charity shop.  

Let me know if you like these type of hauls, I think it gives transparency when you see and read my posts you have an idea of what I bought and what was gifted also what  I would purchase after I finish the products at hand. 

As always thank you so much for reading and be back soon for the next blog post. Aiming to post  every Sunday.

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