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Scent & Co London | Premium Fragrance Subscription

So we already know that I love luxury products and I also love a bargain, not the best combination if I am honest. But I keep getting lucky and discovering some of the best money saving tips when it comes to luxury beauty products. Most probably because I am always on the hunt.

I usually rave about a skincare/lifestyle beauty box from mintd see my previous reviews here. Which always gives me and many others very good value for money; however today I am discussing luxury fragrance at only £14.95.

How it Works

You choose a fragrance of your choice each month, you will be sent a thirty day supply of perfume to try before committing to purchasing a full size bottle. This sample size comes in deluxe 10ml size of any perfume of your choice. You have a choice of over 450 fragrances to choose from, this includes the most premium brands like tomford, dior, chanel etc. There is no need to commit you can try this service as a one off or continuously until you find the perfect scent for you. You are free to discontinue this subscription at any time.If you are like me and like to chop and change your perfume often, then this is the best of both worlds no commitment to a large bottle of perfume which will take you years to get through. Moreover, if you seriously dislike a particular scent for the price (14.95) you can afford to forward it to someone else who will appreciate it much more than you.

What fragrance I choose to try

I picked the Tomford Neroli Portofino and Christain Dior mitza, the later of which I already know I need to own full size its just my kind of fragrance powerful makes a statement and unapologetically bold, definitely not for everyone, but for those of us that like to show off our strength.


I would recommand this subscription to my own mother it's that good. The 10cm case will fit in any handbag or clutch perfect to carry around or when flying.

Have you tried something similar? or are there any other subscriptions you would like to see me review?

Just let me know below. you can get yours here.

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