• Esanth Moyo

The Best Spring Fragrance and An Outfit Idea

As the weather warms up and the days become longer, I am always challenged to come up with an appropriate beauty and fashion wardrobe.

I am obsessed with fragrance, in my opinion if you can only afford to change one thing every season it should be your scent.

As you know I am a die hard fan of semi exclusive fragrance houses like Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Byredo and or Dyptique, I almost always wear fragrances from these brands only.

However, that changed when I was recently sent some easily accessible beautiful perfume which I thoroughly enjoyed wearing. However, just a slight problem I am not great at perfume description, the faintest attempt at trying to explain much about any fragrance is a lost cause, hence I decided to explain it in an outfit.

Jimmy Choo bloom is a happy scent, it's reminiscent of sweet fruits on a bright spring or summer day. I feel this bright floral dress encapsulates what I am trying to say. A vibrant carefree yet sophisticated scent, on such a day you would be meeting with some fun loving friends or going to the office which happens to be at a company you own. I would pair this perfume with a moody floral dress, high heels with an open toe and a small bag to fit my card holder, lipstick, perfume and phone.

Drink of choice would be a non alcoholic Mojito during the day and a pornstar martini at night.

Hope you enjoyed my short and sweet love for Jimmy Choo blossom, thank you for reading.

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