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Sarah Chapman Icon Night Review

A little Science behind the product

When Sarah Chapman launches a new product most of us skincare junkies pay attention. I was so excited to try her latest night cream and after a couple of uses here is a full run down of the product according to my skin reaction.

But first let’s talk about what skinesis claims to be  the justification of the high price tag.

This cream costs £98 for 30mls, it has an active ingredient namely Smartsome™ A3 X503 this is a Retinaldehyde vitamin A infused with active peptides to help address signs of ageing hyperpigmantion and fatigue, the rest of the active ingredients included are a blend of Ecoskin® pre and probiotics, sodium hyaluronate and a vitamin C complex.

The packaging

The idea of an air tight pump is great to make sure every drop of product is applied to the skin fresh. However, I find the product dispensary a bit of a fluff,  as you see in the image above, it took three pumps to deliver that small amount of product, given it does save heavy handed individuals like me from wasting the product. 

But If you have any issues with your hands it’s not going to be an easy task. 

Secondly for the price I want to get to the bottom of the jar to make sure I have used every last drop which I unfortunately can’t, I guess it’s a trade off a small sacrifice for freshness.

Is 30mls enough to trial & warrant a second purchase?

Unfortunately I have to say in my humble opinion 30mls is not enough to give you a true indication of the product performance. Skincare results are seen over the long term in excess of four weeks or more, plus if we are to be honestly here this 30ml cream if used daily won’t last you any longer than three weeks.

The Scent

Here I have to say they got the fragrancing right  the cream smells divine an indulgence to the senses. According to the Sarah Chapman website this is thanks to a cocktail fusion of jasmine, hyacinth and rose essential oils which I simply adore and could smell all day. 


I believe Skinesis is a luxury skincare range so their price point is not up for debate take it or leave it that’s just the kind of world we live in. 

That being said, such price points have to be justified by the end result. 

Initially I used this cream over the Skinesis over night facial, of which I wasn’t impressed with the results at all if I am honest. So I decided to put the cream to the test on top of a simple toner. This is when the real magic began to happen. 

I saw overnight results definitely brighter skin, an even texture and general great skin health. As I already said with skincare, results are more accurate over long term use, so we will see but this was my first impression over a few weeks of using the product. They seem to be on to something with this cream, if you are into your luxury skincare then this night cream is a must on your buy next list. If you happen not to have the budget, the great thing about 2018 is they are plenty of other option at a price that suits everybody. 

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have used this product and what your opinion is. 

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