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Spring Clean | FT MINTD

Before I even dive into reviewing these product let’s acknowledge the thoughtfulness of this curation. We have been handed a full routine that caters for almost very skincare need as hydration and exfoliation are key whatever your skin type.

All the products are luxury high end products that are actually not gimmicky but serious skincare. If you have followed me on Instagram and watch my stories you will realise that I have put the products through their paces to make sure they deliver and are worth the rrp they go for. Even though we don’t have to worry about that Mintd have given us products worth £201 for £70 even QVC cannot offer you such value on four different brand products.

The Cleanser/Exfoliator

Su•man refining facial polish is a gel like cleanser that you apply to your face and firmly rub the product into the skin, once the very slight frictions starts you will see the exfoliating effect start to take place as the cleanser produces very small granules that help slough away any dead skin revealing a soft smooth and brighter complexion. The main ingredients in this product are Watermelon & Ginkgo Biloba.

The benefits of all the ingredients combined is to

exfoliate, hydrate and soothe this will inturn give the skin a refined appearance brighter more radiant complexion is one of the side effects and this cleanser can be used by all skin types.

And yes all this from a cleanser I saw it on my own skin and can attest to it. I use this cleanser three times a week, RRP £38 here.

Botanical Alchemy silver rich mist Radiance boost

This is a facial water that is know for its clarifying and healing properties, with infusion of organic flowers, hedgerow fruit, native herbs and Neroli plus Jasmine, Rose Otto, Chamomile, Linden Blossom oils.

With such a powerhouse ingredient list this mist will leave your face replenished the scent uplifts your mood, simply perfect for much needed relaxation.

It fits in well with the rest of the products as it contains the youth elixir that’s hyaluronic acid that has been scientifically proven to boost moisture levels which in turn hydrates and plumps the skin getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles or any signs of premature ageing.

I have been carrying this face mist everywhere with me, the bottle is luxurious and heavy to carry around but you will be the envy of your friends when you spritz hydration out this super luxe bottle which happens to contain an all natural ingredient list which can be found here

RRP £42 it’s currently sold out on their website but can be found here in the meantime.

The Mask Serving as an Essence and Serum

Magic stripes as a brand are not new to us from MINTD how ever their Hyaluronic intensive mask is. This would be your third step in your routine if using the products in this box only.

The importance of Hyaluronic in skincare

Let me start by saying the mask it self is a non woven 💯 percent natural cotton fabric which is biodegradable, this structure contains and delivers the ingredients much more effectively.

So why do you need hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine?

Hyaluronic Acid promotes the synthesis of collagen and supports the skin in its ability to retain moisture. It also easily adapts to your skin as it is naturally found in the body furthermore, it makes up an important component of connective tissue in your body making it right at home on your skin.

As we age our facial structure losses grace starts sagging and presenting with lines and wrinkles all this mainly because we lose the ability to retain moisture in our skin.

Now this is when Hyaluronic Acid comes into its own, it has the ability to adapt to the environment helping with moisture retention according to what the climate presents, this ingredient is unchallenged in skincare. It has the ability to hold 1000ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid making it the perfect support for dry dehydrated skin, ageing skin and environmentally damaged skin.

It also provides some protection against UVB rays from the sun which can cause sun spots.

I could go on, but what I will tell you honestly is the Magicstipes Hyaluronic Mask is the best Hyaluronic acid I have ever used, I need 100 of these at my back and call and so do you if you are serious about skincare. My advice is definitely consider investing in this if you only get one product from this box.

1sheet mask costs £14 and a box of 3 cost £39

Omorovicza Elemental Emulsion rrp £85

Again this light weight moisture boosting face lotion continues the theme of hyaluronic acid, it goes further by combining it with marine extracts delivering intense hydration yet leaving the skin shine free, amazing on oily skin like mine, dry skin is left hydrated it also helps even out the skin tone.

All this delivered with an impressively short ingredient list that you can find here.

I have been using this lotion as a makeup primer and it works amazing everyone deserves a bottle of this elixir, which comes elegantly presented in a heavy glass bottle perfect for any diva’s dressing table.

Cheat sheet the steps to follow with this routine

I have created a little collage inorder of how to use these products. Have fun and play with skincare make sure you take time to enjoy the process relax destress and flaunt great skin. Subscribe to Mintd here from there on you will receive a box of 4-5 full size or deluxe sized beauty products monthly or bi monthly

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