• Esanth Moyo

Diversity & Inclusion | The World As I See It | IWD

So where do I start, we have have been hearing it all from the women in Hollywood to women of colour, from women everywhere fighting for inclusion and recognition on every single platform that has the slightest possibility of catapulting them into positions of power and influence.

I was listening to the radio the other day, I heard in war torn countries women have to give sexual favours in exchange for charity donated food to feed their families. Once you have food on your table you are seen as promiscuous and are shunned by the community as it’s assumed you did the unthinkable. This is just one of the many stories that women have to tell in 2018.

For you to understand why on one side I don’t understand yet on the other I feel like I am right in the thick of it let me start by giving you a brief overview of my life.

I am the second daughter of two freedom fighters, individually who fought white supremacy and colonialism not that long ago, freedom for our small country came in 1980. I was what is called a born free in my country this means I enjoy such liberties that our fellow African Caucasians have long been taking for granted. My mother on the other hand being the she warrior that she is, became the first women Brigadier in our national army; talk about big shoes to fill. So you see I had no choice but to Understand the plight of women all around the world, mine was not a choice but an obligation to fight unjustice where ever visible.

Being so close to the fight for freedom means I have never forgotten the sacrifice that others made for me to be here and enjoy these privileges. It’s now my turn to fight for the future generation be it in a much smaller capacity.

All was well in Africa even though white privilege existed black privilege existed too. So since my earliest memory I have never lost an opportunity because of the colour of my skin nor because I am a women both my parents made sure of this, but rather due to stiff competition and the other person involved probably having a slight edge over me. Which I accepted and have always respected.

Fast forward from the age of 18 now living in England, serious discrepancies started to show individuals I was very clearly better than automatically got opportunities and I was left on the sidelines for what ever reason. This did not matter in what field you where in healthcare industry whatever sector I looked at the same problems arised.

I ignored and justified it by saying it’s not my country, but then got thinking what about my children and my grandchildren who will fight for for them!

Will things ever change if I don’t do anything? We are a long way from freedom in this aspect I could write a whole book about it, but what I will say to you reading this today is make your mark it’s time for change in what ever capacity you can.

Press for progress always whatever race or creed you are from. Happy international Women Day

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