• Esanth Moyo

5 Products Essential for a Complete Selfcare Session

I am back again with our favourite beauty box, the theme this month is a love letter to yourself a node to Valentine celebration.

I have always understood that selfcare or any self pampering should not start and end with facials but must have a wholistic approach. I feel as a beauty box that takes care of our well being  Mintd come into their own. They have previously introduced us to Vitamins/food supplements that support or health and encourage wellness. They have introduced us to high quality sleeping face masks.

Truth be told if you have been subscribed to thisbeauty box  you probably are well stocked with all the goodies you need to create a great once a week selfcare routine. 

Now to what’s happening right now, we have been gifted the gift of good hair, good skin in one product namely Slip the pure silk pillow case. 

It’s anti ageing due to it being less absorbent, this allows skin retain moisture, and keep products where they are suppose to be on your face. It also reduces friction  between your skin and the pillow case fibre avoiding sleep creases.

For your hair the silk pillow case does not pull or tangle the hair which can lead to split ends, dry hair and bed head in the morning which when all combined can damage the hair in the long run. Instead most hair experts especially in the African community encourage the use of silk pillow cases or head scarfs in order to retain hair length, moisture and also to avoid split ends. 

Having used it for a couple of weeks now I don’t see how I can go back I am sold. This pillow case retails for £79.

As I stated earlier own that mintd box is more than a beauty box. This time around we have Esthechoc this is the worlds first nutrocosmetic with a strong, scientifically proven impact on the metabolism of ageing skin according to their website. Estechoc contains a combination of potent Astaxanthin an antioxidant and Cocoa polyphenolic epicatechins which is naturally found in chocolate.

This is a food supplement for the maintenance of skin health. We already know that dark choclate is good for us, however we also know that once consumed due the nature of digestion most components of the dark choclate that is good for us is destroyed before it gets absorbed into our bloodstream inorder for it to be useful to our health. 

This is where Cambridge Choclate Technologies have pentated a process that allows them to make estechoc ten times more powerful than normal dark chocolate. Meaning that you have a better chance of actually reaping the benefits of dark chocolate from one little piece of estechoc a day. 

One of my favourite products to recieve should be a lip balm even better when it’s from Omorovicza. This little pot of gold contains a very sticky balm that provides highly long lasting hydration. It has a cooling and plumping sensation it’s the perfect night time lip treatment I would not waste it on anything else. Contains shea butter eucalyptus oil hyaluronic spheres it’s a real treat to the lips and it retails for £32z 

Finally the product I have discussed before here it’s perfect for balancing a stressful life. When you feel overwhelmed use this restorative elixir to regain inner tranquility. It contains fresh citrus notes green herbaceous wood and resins. It’s like being wrapped in a cashmere shawl. Retails for £42 here

Personally there is nothing better than the aroma of a beautiful fragrance engulfing my space as I relax on those me days. This cruise candle from CocoluxAustralia captures the essence of nature and raw luxury. Free from paraffin wax, palm wax, palm oil or soy wax this is for the luxury conscious with an ethical philosophy. Retails £20 from Selfridges It comes in an oplulent white glass jar with a lid the scent is very subtle yet with apparently obvious, the kind of smell that presents at those high end spas fantastic product and one for every candle lover to try.  

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