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5 Reasons Why You Need Rodial Skincare ~ ft The Dragons Blood Range

Now lets be honest, with what seems to be 1001 new skincare products released daily I am over whelmed I don’t know what products are worth  trying out.  

I find my self asking am I doing you the reader any justice with my reviews? Do these products work? Do they work individually or is it a combination of skincare cocktails?

These are question I find my self contending with in my head, I then design skincare routine experiments to help me determine product performance, so I can give you an honest impartial review of new products I try. 

In the month of November I mentioned I was not sure what I thought about the Rodial velvet cream you can read the article here . However, after my opinion has since changed in view of having used the product for over 3 months.

Here is why................

I am a city dweller, living with high stress levels, high levels of pollution, and really temperamental weather conditions, all of which a wreck havoc on my skin. To a point of which sometimes I can not distinguish what my skin needs, because it seems like so much, do I need to exfoliate, detoxify, nourish or replenish.

It just so happened that I knew I hadn’t given the Rodial Velvet cream a good chance so I decided to continue using it. At the same time I happened to be sent their Dragons blood Hyaluronic mask  via mintd box .

I began using both products one in the morning the other as a sleep mask daily for two weeks. 

All I can tell you is it was very clear that all my skin was in need of was hydration.

The tiny fine lines that had started to appear on my forehead and on my eyes disappeared; (seriously no exaggeration) my skin was plump and full of life, silky smooth and well balanced. 

Hence I can happily suggest to you up to 5 reasons why you definitely need these two products in your life. 


5 Reasons to Use a Hyaluronic Sleep Mask and Dragons Blood Velvet Cream. 

1. The Velvet cream is contains vegetable squalane, Hyaluronic acid and carob seed extracts these are ingredients designed to drip feed nourishment into the skin over time, giving you a smooth, soft and supple complexion.

2. Both products are light weight and non greasy and will not weigh down your skin. Perfect for those that don’t like a tacky or oily finish.

3.Hydromanil found in the Hyaluronic Mask is extracted from the Tara tree, this particular ingredient ensures you skin stays firm, while the LaraCare extracted from the Larch tree provides a mild exfoliation and the grandiloquent helps to even out the skintone.

4. With consistent use you will discover a reduction in fine lines and premature wrinkles caused by dehydration. Your makeup will start to apply smoother than before and and you begin to need less foundation coverage.

5. Your skin is protected from the harsh elements of the weather, plus; by using these two products together you are giving your skin a fighting chance. I personally find that the sleep mask also helps with clearing my skin of any blemishes. 

Both products smell delightful without being irritating to sensitive skin, after one sleep wearing the Hyaluronic mask the difference is visible and you will be hooked. 

As I mentioned great products are available but hard to sniff out in a market flooded with gimmicks so when I do find that special commodity it has to be shared. I appreciate you taking your time to read, thank you sincerely. 

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