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Sunday night time routine: Preparing for the week ahead

I was inspired to do this post by the spacenk inside space. So I thought I would share with you what I try and do every Sunday to help me wind down and prepare for the week ahead.

Winding Down

Sunday’s are for down time in our house hold, it is the day we wake up at 10am, have brunch instead of breakfast, do a big shop and watch some movies.

It’s the one day of the week we don’t feel guilty for not being very productive. Though I must say as a mother such a day does not exist, I find myself making sure the children are ready for school, home work is done plus any revision needed is done too.

That being said I do try on most Sundays to force myself to take time out, no football practice no swimming lessons just family time.

Hot choclate and popcorn is always on the menu as we settle down to catch up on the Good Dr or a movie.

Skincare Routine

And who doesn’t know how meticulous I am with my skincare routine. It’s probably all to familiar if you follow me on social media

After acknowledging my lack in the skill of makeup application, I quickly had to come up with an alternative course of action.

I am what some would consider frivolous, since I plan my skincare routines weeks in advance and also according to my monthly cycle, my skin is a bit delicate then. However, the frivolous opinion I instantly dismiss it’s debris which I have has no space in my head for. Who say a women can’t be intellectual and care about the way she looks.

I resorted to making sure my skin presented in nothing short of flawless, again you know that this idealism does not exist. You have good and bad skin days however you can try to be as dame near impeccable as possible, and here is how I try and achieve that.


Every good skincare routine starts with a good facial cleanse, I happen to choose the double cleansing method, this is when I use a flannel to help remove all the makeup residue and dirt I might have picked up on my face through out the day. The products I choose to use vary but lately I am using Famacy Green Clean cleansing balm followed by a proper face wash, using the Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C +E micro - dissolve cleansing oil, I take my time to massage the face here for at least 10 minutes.

Why double cleanse?

The first steps is to remove make up or dirt the second cleanse is the actual cleaning of the skin, this prepares the skin to recieve the following products such as exfoliating acids, serums etc. Most people use an oil cleanser and a foam/cream cleanser I choose to do the second cleanse using an oil based face cleanser, because I have very oily combination skin. The incooperation of different types of oils has greatly reduced my sebum production to a point I can say I have normalish skin.

Once I feel I have reached my skin target I go back to using a balm for makeup removal and a cream or gel cleanser as a second cleanse.


For treatments I alternate between a mud mask for detoxifying and an exfoliating mask for some gentle exfoliation, recently I happen to have been picking up one of two choices a product by Anne Semonin their exfoliating mask, which aims to exfoliates and detoxifies or the Sukin detoxifying clay mask. I take my time and leave this on for the maximum length of time suggested usually about 10 to 15 minutes.

In the mean time I exfoliate my lips using the Apa lip scrub this is a balm texture with fine granuals it happens to help exfoliate and moisturise the lips at the same time.


For treatment I have been concentrating on trying to get rid of blemish that have been appearing from nowhere, maybe stress who knows. The good kind of stress though when life pushes you out of your comfort zone so you can fulfill your potential that type of stress. It’s still impactful and not to be down played.

What I have chosen for this particular issue has been Paula’s Choice Skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid the BHA (salicylic acid) has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce blackheads, blemishes and redness.

It’s important to remember that no one product cures it all it’s about multiple products with great ingredients to help you with your skincare problem.


This is were I apply a few layers of skin product. Initially I start with the Votary facial oil.

Why apply an oil first

If you apply an oil before your anti-ageing cream, the oil molecules behave like tiny Trojan horses, tricking the skin into letting active ingredients, like retinol, glycolic acid, and vitamin C deeper into the skin and closer to the collagen-producing fibroblasts, all without irritating the surface." According to Dermatologist David Colbert, the founder of Colbert M.D.

The Skin Laundry Eye cream follows and I finish off the routine with one of my all time favourite nighttime cream from Cult 51. Though my routine is pretty extensive I have really narrowed down the amount of products I use, I now concentrate on facial massage for the best results.


Sometimes this can be the best time of the day, allowing ourselves to rejuvenate and replenish much need energy. The skin also takes advantage of this precious time to repair and reconstruct it’s self. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason.

My sleep time routine involves only three steps and these I never compromise on no matter where I am.


Before going to bed I either have a cup of herbal tea or a glass of water, I don't do this for any particular reason, it's just a habit that I have developed over time and I have been doing it since, I guess it can't hurt me and surely it keeps me hydrated through the night.


My form of meditation is prayer, this helps me unburden all that weighs heavy on my heart and soul or any concerns I might have had during the day . This way I feel like I have give it all up to a high power, its out of my control someone else takes over, that same being makes sure the day ahead of me will be perfect too.

This is my little secret to a peaceful night, I have never had a single night of sleeplessness due to worry because of this ritual.

I might stay awake because I am trying to meet deadlines or feel unwell but never because I am worried about life.


I use the word read loosley here, I listen to audible mainly self-help books like, breaking the habit of being yourself, change your thoughts change your mind or the power of intention.

I usually fall asleep listening to audible.

Hope you enjoyed learning about how I unwind and prepare for the week ahead.

Leave me a comment if you found this useful.

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