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5 Products To Help You Revitalise Your Skincare and Wellbeing.


I am back with our favourite beauty box, and honestly after last month’s hit which you can read about here. You might be forgiven for thinking that the January box is not as heavy weight as it’s predecessor.

Worry not I am here to bust the myth, we have five powerhouse products which all pack a punch, ready to help you revitalise and renew that tired skin post festivities.

The first product I thoroughly enjoyed and I honestly think is a little under rated, has to be the Quintessential cleanse tea, it’s warm and uplifting infused with cardamom ginger and other spices. Tastes delicious and will be great for anyone trying out herbal tea for the first time.

It’s inspired by the ancient cleansing ritual of Morocco’s ornate bath houses designed to heal and rejuvenate. I enjoy mine mid morning as part of my meditation routine, I want more of this stuff seriously, go on and try it you won’t be disappointed.

Top tip: Use 1 teaspoon per cup and infuse for 5 minutes in boiling water at a temperature of 100 degrees celsius.

We have been given a deluxe size that costs £8, the full-size costs £20 and you can get it here.

Scentered Escapre Therapy Balm

Personally fragrance has a special place in my heart, certain smells evoke memories and takes me back to a time that I was happiest. A particular scent that holds a special place in my heart is Oud.

I have never been able find a natural solid perfume that has seriously had me in awe, having previously used the Jo Malone rose and oud, I never thought I would come across an oud fragrance that is as intoxicating, evocative and as luxurious until now.

This escape balm truly helps you get to those exotic climes while you are in your own living room. It’s the perfect way to recharge and get inspired. This particular balm is very affordable at £14.50 here apply this balm to your pulse points when needed without feeling guilty at all.

Top tip: apply to well moisturised skin in order to retain the scent for longer.

Sunday Riley Micro Dissolving Cleansing Oil

This oil cleanser is great for removing makeup and debris. However, my suggestion is to use it as a second cleanser. The C+E cleansing oil contains gentle white willow bark and pearl extracts BHA and AHA that help give you a bright complexion.

And in my opinion it would be wasteful to use it as a makeup remover alone.

I have used this cleansing oil before and this is my second bottle so I can honestly inform you that it does help brighten your complexion with consistent use. It’s not my favourite product from Sunday Riley but it’s one I will use when it’s available.

Top tip: Avoid using on or contact with eyes, massage the oil for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the ingredients to work and to help boost blood circulation to your face.

You can buy this here for £35

Rodial Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Mask

Wow 😮! This is an amazing product, I had never used a skincare mask that delivers results like this mask did. The Rodial Dragons blood Hyaluronicmask is an ideal over night mask, it works instantly no need to wait for results, if you happen to fly a lot or have dry skin, this is your new best friend thank me later.

My favourite product in this box after the tea, get yours here for £45.

Anne Semonin Express radiance ice cubes

We are all so busy and over worked, so much so that at one point or another you do need a cheat product to help you look like you have had 8hours of sleep.

For me it’s the express radiance ice cubes, I pop these in the freezer and keep them there. On a morning that I feel my face looks puffy and needs a little help, I bring out these bad boys. And like magic I look as fresh as a daisy.

Ingredients in this product include wild indigo, Red Seaweed and evening primrose oil.

You can get them here for £50 this is a luxury skincare brand that I have come to adore an absolute treat to the skin.

Top tip: never use cubes directly on the skin without placing them in the gauze provided first.

As per usual thank you so much Mintd for an amazing curation if products, you always introduce us to some of the best wellness, makeup and skincare products . If you would love to recieve these goodies and much more each month be sure to go to www.mintd.com and subscribe for a monthly subscription of £70.00

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