• Esanth Moyo

Mindfulness and Authenticity  is My Pledge for 2018


How are you currently doing, has life been kind so far in 2018, On my end it’s been a bit bumpy but such is life. My family is happy and healthy, we live in spiritual abundance so I have not got much to ask for. The wars of life will soon pass and new ones will surface.

I would like to make it a tradition on the blog, that each January we just talk and get to know what’s ahead of us in the beauty world.

But before we go any further it’s important for me to set my intentions for the blog in the year 2018.

My Pledge

This year I pledge to be as authentic as can be, I know that places like this require superficial well put together content. And I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here it works so I won’t fix it.

But every now and again you will see raw material of either me and my family in pyjamas, ‘I will try not to make it too go-wry'.Something like my previous post about my life as a mum the perfectly imperfect mum which you can revisit here .

For the most part

For the most part it will be business as usual, but the one thing I have also realised is my fashion posts do a lot better than my beauty posts, again that’s a very long story for another day. In short being an ethnic minority person in a predominantly white industry is very difficult to create and curve your own space. That being said I am not giving up, I love beauty mainly skincare and I will keep emphasising the importance of skincare through this blog though I might be forced to diversify a little and explore more fashion blogging for the growth of this platform.

What are the trends in beauty 2018

We of course know that a new year brings new trends and expectations in the beauty world, what we are going to see this year is the rise of Indie brands. Those of you that follow me know that the rise of David to match Goliath is a passion of mine, these underdogs are some to the best products in the business, but for one reason or another they are marginalised and never exposed to you, hence making it my mission to introduce you to the best up and coming skincare products available.

To name a few....


Who provided us with the best natural high performance facial oils in the business.

Cyantifica skincare

An anti ageing skincare line powered by nature yet proven by science to help you reduce the impact of the elements, hydrate and minimise the look of the premature signs of ageing.


One of the best skincare brands I have tried so far especially their pear toner and their bioactive mask for problem skin.

And then they are your insta famous indie brands Kahina, Indie Lee, SkinCeuticals, Patchology, African Botanics, Farmacy, Mintd beauty box and many more.

Unisex beauty

Lead by the coolest brands on the block deceim, Aesop and Algrown Alchemist who are only concentrating on performance and nothing else.

being a boy or girl shouldn’t affect your choice all you need to worry about is your skin type.

Ingredient of the year

Has to be cannabis celebrated for its medicinal properties we now see it resurface in skincare. It’s claimed to contain highly calming and anti inflammatory cannibinoids, which are set to light the industry on fire.

Keep an eye out for Malin+Goetz Who have a Cannabis way de perfume celebrating the ingredient.

The beauty Industry vows to be inclusive

This is an age old issue, where the Goliaths of the industry are asked to be more inclusive of women of colour in their campaigns and product launches.

They are asked to be more comprehensive with their foundations and other makeup products.

Year after year we are faced with the same reply darker foundations are difficult to curate women of colour don’t have money to spend on them et certra......

Then the reply came in the form of Fenty beauty, thank you Rihanna retail price £34 similar to the price I pay for my door foundation. All shades in my colour where sold out in record time, again thank you Fenty beauty.

That old wives tale can be laid to rest let’s see some real inclusive beauty products. Diverse marketing campaigns and a oneness in the industry.

We want to see more real women and men, more stretch marks, and of course the picture perfect models always have a place in our magazines too.

Key word Realistic representation, let’s wait and see how this is interpreted in 2018.

I for one am so excited for the future of the beauty industry and so full of hope.

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