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Simply Enchanting : A Ritual By MINTD

We all know a beauty junkie, that one person who seems to have every beauty product on earth. 

These are the most difficult people to buy Christmas presents for, or at least used to be. Mintd have us covered on this matter, the December box is what dreams are made of and the theme enchanted is so fitting I couldn’t even change the title of this post to make it better. 

The one of two stars of the show has to be the Votary facial oil, which is a fast absorbing none greasy oil formula. It is extra gentle and none irritating, With this oil I can not smell any fragrance which is an element of the product that I enjoy, only because , no matter how natural a fragrance is when included in skincare I still find the products irritating so for my skin no scent is good. The oil retails for £65~30mls and happens to be great to use on any skin type, I mainly encourage those with oily skin, individuals who are afraid to try an oil to give this a go, thank me later *smile*. 

It’s flu season and we all know at one point or another we are all coming down with a cold of some sort. What better way to restore balance and harmony to your body than through the sense of smell. The De Mamiel Altitude oil was first formulated as a cure for inflight stiffness harnessing the power of essential oils, through inhalation; helping people to keep a clear head while on the go. Now this same antidote can be just as soothing while you are under the weather by just sprinkling a few drops on a tissue or under the nose. I personally use it most days to help me relax at bed time or when I feel stuffy and need to clear my head, feel free to create your own ritual with this magical oil. 

African Botanics , these two words are like music to my ears, I wish they had a flagship store here in the U.K. I would work only to shop there because everything I have touched from this brand is pure skincare gold. Their mineral cleansing mask is no different, I want two full size jars of the Marula mineral mask plus a backup, I am not joking just incase they decide to discontinue it. This is a heavenly scented cleanser/mask which is so gentle yet extremely effective. I would say always use as a second cleanse, this is serious Skincare not to be wasted on makeup removal. I could go on to say I love this mask yet I feel that is not justice, forget the price tag treat yourself to the mintd beauty box & try it for your self, all I can tell you is, you are in trouble and you will need this forever, if my statement here has not convinced you that I am in awe of the product then follow me on Instagram stories there I shall rave and praise this product till the cows come home. I am sure you have guessed already that this is the other star in this box for me. 

Oribe balm essence lip treatment is just what my lips need, it’s a slightly thick consistency to Vaseline but don’t get the two mixed up, this is heavy duty stuff nothing like mineral oil found in Vaseline. This is the kind of product made for the Antarctic, it’s protecting yet nourishing.  It has to be one of the best lip products that I have tried this year, it’s infused with vitamin e, lemon rose, camelina oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, orange oil and much more.  Retails for £27 for 7mls, the packaging is darling and nice to show off, just a small plus to make you want this even more. 

Skin Laundry renewing eye cream; this is light weight texture, easy to apply, very gentle and doesn’t sting my sensitive eyes. Claims to firm and brighten the under eye area, I can only attest to the brightening part, I have been only using this for a week, so far I like the ease of use, the brightness that has become apparent on my under eyes and the fact that the packaging is so travel friendly. 

I can’t deny the fact that this eye cream is affordable make it quite attractive too. I will have to further review this product, most likely on Instagram; so be sure to follow me there. 

You can buy this eye cream for £26 at Liberty of London. 

Now that we have gone through every product  included in the enchanted box, let me gift you a mini guide on how to use all the products simultaneously. 

The Minimalist Enchanted Skincare Routine

Here is how you are going to use the products provided in the December box.

1. The African Botanics mineral cleansing mask is a two in one product, you can use it to cleanse and remove any impurities then also as a mask, leave it on for 5-10 minutes and bask in the glow of a flawless base. 

2. Apply the Skin Laundry renewing eye cream by patting the product in gently around the eye area using your ring finger. 

3. Finally pour two drops of the Votary Jasmine and calendula facial oil in to the palms of your hands warm it, by rubbing your hands together. Place both hands in front of your nose inhale to indulge the senses and start patting the oil in from the neck to the face in an upward circular motion.

This can be a morning or night time routine it works equally well both times of the day. 

Enchanted Bedtime Ritual

A special treat before you go to bed, moisturise your lips using the Oribe balmessence.

Apply the De Mamiel altitude oil on your pulse points or under the nose, and you are ready for a relaxing deep sleep. 

The value in this box is immense, you can subscribe for all this and much more for a mere £65,  you will soon notice the saving and appreciate the value that MINTD beauty box bring us monthly. 

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