• Esanth Moyo

Winter Skincare Magic ~ Yu•Be

As a skincare enthusiast I am

always trying to stay ahead of the beauty game.  However, I have to admit winter brings up significant skincare challenges. This does not just apply to my face but actually my whole body. Between the harsh weather elements and central heating, dry flaky skin is never in short supply, so frequent exfoliation and additional moisture is definitely key to maintaining a half decent glow. 

Since I have tried a few products and never really got exceptional results, I decided to go with the highly recommended Japanese Skincare brand Yu•Be.

Let’s start with exfoliation, I know they say this  foaming skin polish can be used on the face but do yourself a favour and keep it very far away from your face. The granules are very coarse and not advisable to use on the delicate skin that’s on your face.

For your body however I find this really beautiful to use. It’s like a rough massage on the legs and any dry skin areas like elbows and knees. I also find it a great product to use once every two weeks for that much needed extra exfoliation, try not to use more than that please, it’s too harsh for frequent use.

The grains are made from rice bran and bamboo, the skin polish foams when it comes in contact with water, which I like, I cannot use non foaming cleansers on my body, I just don’t feel clean.

As for the scent I can sense a hint of camphor more than anything else, this quickly fades.

It also contains extracts of ginger root and ginseng that help tone and balance the skin while the green tea geranium oil plus the camphor soothe and leave the skin feeling refreshed. Costs £15 for 200mls at Amazon.

As for the Yu be moisturiser, I cannot say enough good things about it. Since I had been over exfoliating my face, it got all upset and I started to notice bumpy skin texture which after a day or so started to peel. My whole face became so sensitive, if I was light skinned I can assure you I would have been as red as a tomato. But my dark hue manage to conceal this matter thank goddess. 

I decided to cut down my routine right down to basics, I used the omoroviza queen of hungry mist for toner and the above Yu Be moisturising skin cream only, the soothing effect was immediate and within two days my skin looked amazing.

Bare in mind I had to stop using make up for at least two weeks just to let my skin fully recover.

I now use this miracle cream to moisturise  my lips, body and face too, it’s affordable so why not.

I have to say, I find it a bit sticky on the body, I guess this is thanks to the glycerin, so not a great choice if this bothers you.  

This is a glycerin based moisturiser with vitamins B2, C & E.

It is a great moisturiser no fuss no frills, just a good hydration booster that claims nothing else.

I had to share because this is a bathroom cabinet staple can be bought at amazon for £19.50 for 70mls.

No makeup face half way to full recovery from the effects of over exfoliation. 

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