• Esanth Moyo

Skincare Wardrobe Autumn Winter Treatments & Norishment

As the cool days and nights draw in, our skin tends to have additional needs such as extra moisture or pigmentation due to post summer woes. Hence, I thought I would create a slightly different routine, one that I would normally use to treat blemishes and help me nourish my skin.

In the hope that these routine will inspire you the reader, curate your own personalised skincare regime.

Incase you are new to this blog I have combination skin. This means I have dry cheeks and an oily t-zone which is highly susceptible to breakouts. The truth is I hardly go a month without a few spots on my face. Which leads to hyper-pigmentation at the same time battling the age old issue of almost every thirty something adult *wrinkles*

The first thing I have to do with this routine is deep cleanse. You can read about my other skincare routines here.

Deep Cleansing Routine

Contrary to popular belief deep cleansing does not have to involve harsh cleansers or even a foaming cleanser.

I choose to use an oil which turns to a milky consistency to remove any makeup or dirt on my skin, then follow on with a cream cleanser for my skin gentle cleansing is key. I avoid irritating my skin at all cost as this can lead to inflammation and or even cause further breakouts.

I always remove both cleansers using a warm flannel.

Deep Cleansing Mask

Then I follow the cleansing routine with a clay mask, these are useful in absorbing excess selbum and clearing up clogged pores. I tend to use this type of mask once a week.


This step is optional but one I prefer not to skip, since I did not use any exfoliating products in the steps above, I chose a glycolic acid toner, which will help gently exfoliate my skin encouraging good skin turnover revealing younger looking and more radiant skin.

Sheet Mask

I move on to applying a sheet mask, this is the nourishment part of the routine. I leave this on for a good 30 minutes making sure that the sheet mask never dries up while in my face, as then it start to draw moisture from my skin. A sheet mask aims to infuse nutrients into the skin, resulting in a bright and vibrant healthy complexion.

Remember you can apply a sheet mask as many times as you like. I have days when I use a sheet mask twice a day, especially if I am preparing for an event, though I recommend using it at least once a week.

If I am honest after applying a sheet mask my skin hardly needs anything else but for good measure, I apply a serum and a cream moisturiser, and that’s it! No oils involved in this routine whatsoever, however, if you are so inclined you can absolutely add an oil after the serum and finish off with a face cream.

In my humble opinion the Skincare game is best left simple most days with a good pamper session once a week. This is what has been working for me, I intend to keep trying different products using the same method as it hasn’t disappointed me so far. Find out more on how to achieve even better looking skin by diet here.

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