• Esanth Moyo

DIY Silk Press Step by StepTutorial

So what is a silk press? This is a method used to straighten naturally curly hair without the use of relaxers or keratin treatments. It is not a permanent hair style rather an alternative that can easily be washed out and like magic your bouncy curls are back. 

As most of us are ditching chemical relaxers and embracing our natural hair, I had to try and find an alternative style to my curl pattern. Thanks to Youtube I managed to come across the silk press, and you know what, I am impressed, It takes a long time to achieve this look when you are doing it yourself, but! it's so worth it. Another important fact is it takes so long to recreate this hair style, so that means the use of heat will be self limiting  in case the temptation to wear it everyday becomes too hard to resist. 

I am very new to this natural hair campaign so I still need to do a lot of research. I will share my journey with you as we go along. 

Currently I haven't built up the courage to wear my hair alone so extensions and hair pieces have been my go to hopefully as I learn to take better care of the hair I will be more empowered to wear it loud and proud.

I welcome any suggestion you might have to improve my 4C dry curly hair health, on my part I will continue to post anything that I find so that those of you on the same journey as me are inspired and can have a platform to share their own experience. 

What you need to create this look varies with personal choice, the products listed below are my personal preference. However,  you can use whatever works for you. 

  • Shampoo - L'Oréal elvive extraordinary oil curl nourishment shampoo 

  • Conditioner - TreSemme luxurious moisture 

  • Deep Conditioner - Palmers Manuka flower honey protein pack deep conditioner 

  • Water based leave in conditioner - Cream of Nature Strength & Shine 

  • Sealing serum - Kera Care Silken Seal 

  • Blow dryer -Dyson 

  • Straighters - GHD

Steps to achieve smooth silk hair.

1. I wash my hair with a gentle shampoo making sure that the hair is clean and ready for a moisturising conditioner. 

2. Apply conditioner and wear a heat cap for at least 30 minutes,I have very dry hair so I wear it a little longer.

3. Thoroughly wash out all the conditioner.

4. Dry hair using a t-shirt 

5. Apply water based leave in conditioner and seal serum of choice.

6. Let the hair air dry at least 80%

7. Blow dry the hair until its bone dry (this hurts me to even say & of course use a heat protector).

8. Apply about a pea size amount of sealing serum to the hair again and the start to straighten it.

If you are doing this by yourself at home take your time. Only straighten a very small amount of hair at any given time so that you can achieve the best silky smooth look.

Wash day drama will all be in your past with a silk press, but please remember hair manipulation and continued exposure to heat styling is not great for length retention so please take care and avoid using this method of styling too often.