• Esanth Moyo

Blogger Mail is it cool? What I get

Most people love the idea of getting free stuff, I know I do, yet here I am here about to dispel the myth the concept that bloggers receive free goodies from brands for nothing in return. 

The details

Let's get the facts straight right from the get go for brands to approach you and start sending you stuff, you have laid down the ground work and don't be fooled this is no easy task. Brands hire PR companies who are experts in recruiting and sourcing the best creatives for a specific campaign. They make sure the Influenster has an engaged audience  who are likely to buy the product being gifted. Another piece to this puzzle is the content created must align well with the brand image.

This is just half the story but I hope you get my drift.

Below I show you the products I received a week ago and definitely products I will review. I did received a few more boxes after writing this blog post which I will reveal via Instagram stories  here. However, in the meantime this article will hopefully give you a guide of the type of PR package that a micro blogger might receive from time to time. 


This brand is new to me and on first impressions I am loving their skincare curation especially the protecting daily lotion.   Unfortunately Royal Mail where a bit rough in their handling and the serum was broken and spilled all over the place. very disappointed as I was looking forward to trying it out and we all know a strong skincare game lies in the serum.


I have been working with whamisa for a while, watch out for a brand focus coming soon, I love this Korean skincare brand so much it takes out the hussle and guess work of the 10 step Korean routine. You can learn more about them here, as the gothamista blog is your go to oracle for all things k-beauty. 


We all know my love for everything the Ordinary, niod happens to be it's older sister an earlier brain child of the Decim monkeys (their words not mine), I have worked with this brand a few times before. I am always happy to try out or revisit their products since they are affordable and in most people's reach. They have changed the skincare game and I am excited to say another giveaway of one of my favourites is on its way to you soon. It will be an instastory exclusive.


This ethical beauty company is new to me everything about them, resonates so much with my spirit so much so that when they reach out, it was a no brainer. Full dedicated review to follow on Instagram. In the mean time you can learn more about them here .

I did not approach of these brands for collaboration, they approached me and none of these products are sponsored content. I thought I would share with those of you not in the industry of blogging, incase you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes. 99.9% of products sent to us are not sponsored and you only get to see very few of the products that I love and highly recommend. 

Let me know your thoughts on bloggers receiving PR samples, let's have an open discussion.

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