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Understanding Waterless and Fermented skincare products by Whamisa

Today I bring you one of my favourite Korean brand Whamisa, if you have never heard about this brand before read here. I cannot wait to share with you some of the secrets that this beauty brand holds, read on and learn more.

Tell us about Whamisa in a nutshell how did it come to be? The brand was created by the founder of ENS Beauty Group, Ryan Park. He wanted to create a skincare brand that could transfer the powerful benefits of nature to the skin by preserving and enhancing nature’s benefits as much as possible. After years of research and trial and error, the result is Whamisa. Whamisa was a collaboration amongst botanists, chemists, dermatologists and fermentation experts. These four experts decided to come together to create a brand that uses four important elements of nature (water, earth, air and sun) to create beautiful natural products with flowers, roots, fruit and seeds as main ingredients. Ten years of research thats a life time, how has this research shaped the products we see on your selves today? Perfecting our signature fermentation process and incorporating them into natural formulas that are high performing and stable even without synthetic preservatives was the core of our ten-year-research. All our products contain fermented botanical extracts and are preservative-free. Fermentation increase the efficacy of our products and we only use plant-based extracts with natural antibacterial/antifungal properties as preservatives. Tell us more about waterless and fermented skincare, what are the benefits of these methods of curating skincare? Most aqueous products in the market contain at least 50% to even 90% water. Water is necessary in formulating emulsions such as lotions or creams, but it is also a cheap filler. Pure botanical extracts replace plain distilled water in our formulas and this increases the potency of our products. Also, our products are supercharged with fermented botanical extracts, which help increase absorption and therefore efficacy as well. What are your top five active ingredients? Our active ingredients come from nature, and every product includes a different blend of 10~20 botanical extracts. The most commonly used botanical extracts used in our products are aloe vera, rice, licorice root. We also include some naturally derived functional actives such as bisabolol and adenosine in some of our products. Why are they so important in skincare? People are exposed to a lot of pollution and harsh chemicals these days. We feel that it is important to incorporate naturally soothing ingredients in all of our formulas, hence aloe vera and/or rice extracts replace water in all of our formulas. Whamisa is now BDIH certified & EWG verified what does this mean for your customers? We are one of the very few certified organic Korean beauty brands. We only use safe, high quality natural ingredients approved by BDIH and our customers appreciate that our products are certified by a very strict certification body. Becoming EWG Verified was an important milestone for us as well as we wanted to convey that we are an ethical brand as well as an organic brand. Lets talk skincare rituals you are a Korean Brand know for the notorious 10 step skincare How would you advice your busy/lazy customer to interpret this skincare regiment in the shortest effective way possible. The core of the 10 step skincare routine is layering; you can use less than 10 or more than 10 products to tailor your own routine. In practice, most Korean women use less than 10 products in their skincare routine. Swapping a few products with one multifunctional product is a good way to trim down the routine. For example, the popular 7 skin method provides enough hydration to your skin that you would only need to follow with one moisturiser and end your routine. Our Organic Flowers Toner Deep Rich is a highly concentrated product that has been hailed as the holy grail of toners for this method. A simple evening routine would be to use a sheet mask instead of skincare products. Simply cleanse, tone, mask, and finish the routine. Masking how many times a week should we be masking and what type of mask should we use? We recommend masking at least once a week. Masking 2-3 times a week would be ideal, although many Korean women mask once a day prior to special events such as weddings. For frequent masking, we recommend using a gentle, chemical-free mask such as our hydrogel mask, as you will be forcing your skin to absorb everything. What is your top tip on how to include Whamisa in any routine? There are so many different ways to include Whamisa in any beauty routine! Here are just a few different ways: Try pairing up our Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil with your foam cleanser for double cleansing. After cleansing, try our Organic Peeling Finger Mitts to gently exfoliate your skin - this will enhance the absorption of any skincare product. Try replacing your toner with our rich, bouncy serum like toners and see the difference in hydration. Our reformulated Organic Flowers Eye Essence is light enough to wear over makeup - if you are looking for a lightweight yet potent eye serum that you can carry around in our pouch, give it a go. Also, our reformulated Organic Flowers Water Cream and Nourishing Cream and extremely travel-friendly. Add a drop of our Organic Flowers Facial Oil to any moisturiser or even foundation to achieve that organic glow. How do you recommend a person with oily/combination skin approach the Korean skincare routine? Starting your skincare routine with a clean canvas is critical; double cleansing would be a great method for anyone with extra sebum production. Also, make sure that you choose the right product for your skin type as layering many products may cause breakouts. Our Organic Flowers Cleansing Gel, Organic Fruits Peeling Finger Mitt, Organic Flowers Toner Refresh, Organic Flowers Water Cream, Organic Flowers Lotion Original, and Organic Flowers Sebum Treatment are formulated especially for oily/combination skin types. We have seen Whamisa go from strength to strength being featured in vogue by refinery 29, glamour magazine and many more what is your secret? We have our followers to thank for that - we do not run huge advertising campaigns and we have gained popularity through word of mouth and social media presence. We would not be where we are now had it not been for our loyal organic K-beauty fans!

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