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The Glow Edit Mintdbox gift to you

Can you believe that a year has been and gone, our favourite luxury beauty box is a year older and wiser.

The curation of my beloved mintd box has continually surpassed expectations. Reminiscing at the previous boxes I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for those behind the scenes at mintd striving to make sure we only recieve the best and exclusive skin care and body care products out there. Not to mention every now and again they surprise us with holy grail make up staples such as the smith cult Mascara and lip gloss.

Fake it until you make it

Now into the July box, of course we where expecting mintd team to pull all the stops for their first anniversary and boy did they go all out they never disappoint.

Anne Semonin has become a regular in our monthly box and for good reason, this pioneering anti ageing skincare range is a skincare range fit for royalty in the truest sense as it's loved by Princess Grace of Monaco, considered yourself part of the club thanks to mintd. You can find Anne Semonin products in luxury high end boutiques like Harrods. Their Eye express Radiance ice cubes which are in the July box are an essential for tired puffy eyes. They contain ginkgo biloba proven to increase blood circulation, hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture this is just to name a few of the natural active ingredients contained in these ice cubes.

For best results keep the cubes in the fridge and and taken them out when needed, the cold ice will help depuff the under eye while the active ingredients will nourish and protect the delicate skin against wrinkles.

The eye express radiance ice cubes are my secret weapon on mornings when I am exhausted and it's all showing on my face, especially the eyes. They are also perfect for at home spa days, instead of the cucumber use the sophistication of botanical extracts and ice cold treatment to get that blood rushing to the eye, to reveal a bright radiant skin getting rid of those dark under eye circles.

In the Glow edit you recieve 6 x 4ml ice cube which retail for £45 pounds from Harrods.

They all come with a pouch which you can put your ice cube in when it's frozen so it doesn't get in contact with the skin.

Get the golden glow

Omorovicza gold shimmer oil, this has to be the product I am super excited for in the whole beauty box. Be it deluxe sample size very little of this product goes a long long way so this 30mls will last for a good while.

Where do I start, okay we will go with scent! The oil smells amazing indulgent luxurious simply divine a real treat for the senses. I am not surprised this hydrating oil was awarded the best skin glossing oil by harpers bazaar. The ylang ylang and orange blossom fusion are intoxicating and I want them as a fragrance please.

The gold shimmer leaves the skin silky soft and with a golden glow. I used it on the hair and the compliments kept flowing all day long. This body oil is fast absorbing and you only need a very small amount especially when applied on damp skin.

No need for body bronzer when you have this miracle oil around. You will have everyone asking you what you are doing to get such an amazing body glow.

You get 30ml which costs £15 or you can get the full size 100ml which costs £52 from Omorovicza.com my advice is get the mintd box such value for your money.

Ingredient List for the Gold shimmer oil

Rice bran oil is second on the list this is very impressive, if you know anything about skincare you know the Japanese women swear by this ingredient and we all know how the geisha women keep looking younger and younger by the day, thanks to rice bran water. No argument from me this is an oil every body care conscious person needs in their life.

Make it a pamper session

Every skincare fiend gets a grin on their face when they see a new product related to their obsession arrive through the post. I was no different when I received the super mood youth glo baby face mask.

Having oily skin I usually concentrate on clarifying face mask, it's almost like mintd know that I also need some exfoliation and brightening in my regime and the answer to that was this mask.

A very gentle exfoliating yet hydrating face mask, smells like mint which is not a bad thing, I guess it must be the spearmint leaf oil coming through.

It leaves your skin soft and hydrated well prepped for the next step, definitely a great product for sensitive skin.

Ingredient list for the baby face mask

Luxury skincare meets high tea

If you follow me on Instagram you know I am an advocate of working from the inside out, nutrition has an important role in a holistic approach to skincare.

I have a feeling the mintd team agrees with me as they gave us a quinteassential white tea elixir. This white tea contains jasmine, blue mallow flowers gingko leaves and spirulina. It's a ritual that will have you spoilt and looking forward to four o'clock tea daily.

This tea is best brews at 85 degrees water temperature and infused for two minutes. Below is a suggestion on how you can enjoy your White tea Elixir ritual.

Glow all round

Most us are very familiar with oskia, and my all time favourite product is their renaissance brightlight, so you can imagen the heightened sense of excitement on seeing the get up and glow, this by no means replaces the aforementioned however it packs a punch in its own right, I read on their website that this is an anti fatigue serum, I couldn't agree more.

With ingredients such a vitamin e to target signs of ageing, msm & zinc which is oskia's patented skincare ingredient which is meant to encourage cell renewal and protect the skin from environmental damage, this is only to name a few of the power house cocktail of ingredients.

The get up and glow serum can be used before or after makeup, when used as a makeup up base I definitely see a great improvement in how my makeup behaves and looks thanks to the get up and glow serum, however I can not say I have seen the same skin transformation results that I notice when using the renaissance bright light.

Get up and glow serum is luxurious makeup base it makes my skin look and feel flawless instantly. It would be great for a bride and her bridal party, I can imagine it would also be amazing if you are trying to cheat sleep so you look like you have had eight hours sleep.

Mintdbox gave us the full size of get up and glow 30mls which costs £66 at spacenk.

In this month's box you receive 3 full size and 2 deluxe size products. All products are luxury highend found in Boutiques likes Harrods, spacenk netaporter. The contents are worth £171 if bought separately, yet you can get them from mintd today for £65 saving £106 which can get you almost two more boxes with even more exciting products. That is a great deal, which I am yet to see else where at the moment.

*This product was sent to me as a PR sample in exchange for my honest opinion.

*No affiliate links or commission earned if you decide to go click through and buy this beauty box.

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