• Esanth Moyo

Let's grow your blog together the truth about going viral

Are you like me reading blog strategy post after post, who all happen to sing from the same hyme book, consistency consistency consistency, content is king, read and comment on other blog posts, be active on social media and oh yes pinterest is taking over get there quick! 

Fed up the market is too saturated 

I for one am fed up of hearing the same advice over and over, working hard creating outstanding content and implementing the aforementioned plan of action and yet never getting anywhere in terms of reaching the 5 figure blog view a month. 

Why you should read till the end 

I will let you in on a secret a blog for bloggers a true resource that adds value to your internet presence and a step by step guide on how to actually implement strategies that truly work, and have worked for me.

Long story short

I decided I was going to blogfull time create my own four hour work week according to Tim Ferras.

Do what I want when I want and become the new rich, pun intended.

So I started with the aim of posting once a week. I can confirm that this strategy does not work or favour your blog in the google SEO's unless you have surpassed at least 250 blog articles with around 1000 words per post. Only then can you afford to start blogging once a week, its a games number the more people click through your website the better ranking you will have with google's search engine.

So it only makes sense to push as much high quality content as often as you can consistently keep it up.

Don't forget to write between 1000 -1500 words per post, using subheadings small paragraphs and really capturing your audience attention at every turn.

The struggle with the above strategy 

People have short attention spans, they do not like to read an essay, so unless you are captivating the bounce rate is going to be high and your blog will suffer for it on googles ranking. Read more on how to rank high on google here. 

To over come this problem study your audience create targeted content and use lead magnets to keep them engaged and coming back to your blog.   

Now let's make your post go Viral or at least try.

1. Create an amazing title, one that makes everyone curious even those that are not interested in your niche, a good example of this is Marrige isn't for you by Seth Adam Smith who went on to to write books you can find here, his blog post got featured in more than 10 very popular blogs like buzz feed and mail online.

2. Use headline analyser  from coschedule.com to help you discover how strong your title is, think of national news papers how they create a storm by just a six word headline.  'Britain's economy in shambles', you are buying this news paper whether you like it or not because you want to but you need to know the state of affairs and how it affects you. Don't give your reader a choice make the headline catchy they won't have a choice but to click and read.

3.Write a killer post, the first paragraph should be capturing make the reader want more, but don't reveal it all layer it keep them on that page, and at the end refer your reader to another page for further information, to reduce the bounce rate.

4. Take stunning images make sure all the images are google friendly, by this I mean they are annotated and that google knows what the image is about so it can present it to the right audience.

5. Make a statement that people want to share on their social media platforms thats according to Britten Bullen who wrote the article 

The Secret Sauce That Made These 7 Blog Posts Go Viral

6. Don't be afraid to tell people what to do, this is what leaders do, if you want your post to go viral be ready to lead a whole tribe they will need instructions believe me they will follow.

7. Now you have the recipe to create an amazing article how are you going to get it infront of the right audience, you will need to now Implement everything else everybody and their mother has been telling you to do.

*Be active on social media I recommend Pinterest Instagram and Facebook

*Use tools such as Tailwind to optimize your reach and make your social media publishing habits frequent, predictable and easy. 

*Make your content easy to share

*Engage with other blogs 

*Pin frequently and startegically on Pinterest

*Start and join a community of like minded individuals on your platform

*Have a clear cut social media strategy and what it wants to achieve.

*Start a campaign to increase your email list

*Repeat each step religiously from the top, if luck is on your side you will be the next blogger sensation in no time.

8.Stay focused a viral blog post does not happen over night or by chance, master one skill at a time execute and move on to the next.

9.Create an Editorial calendar, it will help you plan and schedule your post.

10. Finally remember after all great content is king, master the art of aesthetically pleasing visual content, then master the art of writing for your audience, capture their attention and never let it go.