• Esanth Moyo

Good reasons for you to drink yourself to great skin.

Skincare is a lifestyle, this means a holistic approach to all aspects that will help you achieve glowing skin. I know I sometimes go on trying to hammer home the importance of consistency in any skincare regiment, which is a true fact and I nfortunately a message I can't change. 

But I can talk about something else important to your skin. Today, I am emphasising on the importance of hydration, choosing the correct liquid to keep you hydrated so you skin knows no boundaries when it comes to a healthy vibrant and dewy glow.

Now, I know that plain water can be boring especially if you live in cool climate naturally you might gravitate more towards a cup of tea or coffee, if that is the case just measure how much clear fluid you need to take divide it through out the day and before you know it it's a habit you can't break. To even boost that hydration further include extra nutrients in that drink, I have been achieving this by taking one 300ml glass of beauty and go everyday.

Here is how I drink myself to good skin, first thing in the morning I have 300mls of luke warm lemon water, then after my shower and before breakfast I drink my beauty and go bioactive drink of choose which currently is summer skin cocktail. 

Let me explain to you more about this drink which is the equivalent of a vitamin for your skin yet much more. It contains the following ingredients active ingredients to name a few according to their website.

• V5 Multivitamin Complex: an extraordinary combination of vitamins (Vitamins A, C, E, B6 and B12), that work from within to keep your body and skin in good shape. It gives your skin energy and protects against internal and external aggressors, keeping it healthy and smooth over a longer period of time. This vitamin complex significantly boosts the effect of the MACRO-antioxidants.

• B-Carotenes: provide around 50% of the Vitamin A required in our diets. Drinking it contributes to keeping our skin in normal condition before and after sun exposure.

• Zinc: a mineral that contributes to maintaining our skin and protecting our cells against oxidative damage.

• Coenzyme Q10: a powerful antioxidant that contributes to neutralising the harmful effects of free radicals, one of the primary causes of skin ageing. It has anti-inflammatory properties that give skin an extra benefit after sun exposure. The level of Coenzyme Q10 in your body inevitably diminishes over the years, making direct consumption of this supplement all the more important.

• Green tea, aloe vera and chamomile: a highly soothing, relaxing and anti-inflammatory cocktail, perfect for repairing skin after sun exposure. In addition, independent studies show that the polyphenols in green tea protect skin against UV radiation and contribute to improving skin quality.

• Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid: prevent water loss, dehydration and loss of elasticity, giving your skin a soft, firm, luminous appearance. Studies show that collagen also strengthens your bones, fingernails, hair and joints.

In all honesty I can tell you when I had the privilege to be able to drink the beauty and go every day, I felt more energetic I kid you not my skin looked amazing even though I was suffering from sleep deprivation, exhaustion you name it, all from having too many deadlines and trying to meet them all.

The macro antioxidants contained in the drinks are super charged versions of the antioxidants that we are used to, these macro antioxidants are derived from fruit peels, they are especially beneficial because the peel it self contains a lot of nutrients that protect the fruit from environmental damage, normally we would not be able to eat fruit peels but my beauty and go have made this possible so we can benefit from this elixir of youth. Let me quote you what the researchers behind this macro antioxidant cocktail believe "There may not be an elixir of youth, but if antioxidants are the superheroes of skincare, then MACRO-antioxidants are the Gods."  Enough said in my opinion.

Exclusive to Beauty & Go, MACRO-antioxidants® are found and removed from fruit peels this makes them difficult for human digestion, besides they are usually bitter in taste and inedible yet some of the most potent antioxidants reside inside the fruit skin. As a matter of fact 50 -70 % of the fruit's nutrient capacity is carried in the peel. My Beauty and go also claim that MACRO-antioxidants®  have the ability also remain in the body of  for longer because they are bound to fruit fibres, resulting in our antioxidant status being raised for significantly longer; up to 6-8 hours according to studies they conducted.

In another clinical trial where the new and improved formula of BEAUTY & GO was tested  by volunteers at Methodex revealed significant improvements in skin firmness and elasticity when taking BEAUTY & GO on a daily basis.

This study confirms my own finding after testing these drinks for a month, I noticed a significant difference in my skin hydration, brightness and overall luminosity. 

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