• Esanth Moyo

Dyson the best blow dryer or is it?

Let me just cut to the chase, this blow dryer is £300, which might be pocket change to some but not to most. Let's get it right from the start, this is not an investment it's a luxury hair care product that could fall down and break or get lost while traveling.

If you do decided to get this make sure you are financially able to cope with the purchase without getting a credit card or sacrificing other important matters, If you can afford to purchase this item X3 then go ahead and get it no doubt. This is from a real life, girl in a green scarf if you remember the film confessions of a shopaholic a few years back.

Maybe I should do a blog post dedicated to money matters, goodness knows, In earlier years I needed such advice and I so wish someone had told me a Louis Vuitton was not an investment. Now that the preaching is out of the way let's get into the fun stuff.

1. Packaging

This little piece of kit, is definitely a well curated master piece. The packaging is sleek and slimline very compact and easy on the eye. For those of you with an extra £20 I would highly recommend the limited edition set which comes with a pink or golden leather case. I give the packaging 8/10! Why? Only because I feel right from day one this blow dryer should have come with a case to keep it in and for no extra costs considering the price.


Does it work? yes it does, but I honestly can't say it's better than other blow dryers, I will give you an example the other day the children chased me out of the living room because the blow dryer was making a lot of noise,and it was no different to the ego professional hair drier that I was previously using.

It has a good amount of heat, don't be fooled it does get really hot, so I am not sure how good that amount of heat can be to your hair. I still recommend air drying if you have time.

It's seems slightly faster at drying the hair than my previous hair dryer, but not £200 extra better.

With time I will report back if it is gentle to the hair as Dyson claims, you probably know heat damage happens over time, so only time will tell.

3. Bottomline

The Dyson blow dryer is a beautiful piece of equipment, it is not any easier or worse to use when compared to other midrange hairdriers in my opinion.

It will look chic and stylish on the dresser and will impress your visitors when they come and sleep over, but honestly so far that's about it.

Would I still purchase this blowdryer again if I had the option ? Yes! Just because, I purchase a Chanel or Louis Vuitton wallet over a whistles leather number not because the designer one is any better in all honesty but it makes me feel like part of the club, it makes me feel like one of the cool kids and for that I guess this is £299 well spent.

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