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4 steps to shiny silky hair ~ My Routine

Let's be real, luscious locks are all too elusive for the majority of us, be it genetics or self inflicted damage. I am so gulilty of the later, however don't be discouraged there is still hope yet, you can maintain your hair in such a way that it can retain it's moisture and protein giving it a lustrous heathy shine.

The first step in this routine is what we women with naturally curly dry hair like to call pre-poo.

This is when you apply a conditioning treatment to dirty hair, yes! you read that right.

Pre poo is the conditioning measures you take before you shampoo your hair at least once a week.

Most people use coconut oil, I take it a step further I either use honey and coconut oil or Philip Kingsley elasticiser extreme, alternatively you can use olive oil or any other oil that you prefer. How long you keep this conditioner in your hair depends on your tolerance of the tucky feeling on your head.

I personally leave it over night, then wash it off using luke warm water.

After the pre-poo washout, I go ahead and wash my hair as normal with a shampoo then I apply a deep conditioner. I tend to apply the deep conditioner just before I go into the shower so the warm water can help the conditioner to penetrate my hair cuticles for silky results.

I never use one conditioner I always mix a protein & moisturising conditioner since my hair is dry and chemically processed. There is no one size fits all when it comes to conditioners you must find one or a few that work well with your particular hair type. I personally prefer the organic root stimulator olive oil conditioner when my hair feels dry and brittle, tresseme luxurious moisture with vitamin E when I need a quick fix, and Rahua conditioner for dry hair more as a leave in conditioner than a wash out. On application I make sure to finger comb the conditioner through out my hair concentrating on the ends where the hair is most in need of replenishment. Then I wear a shower cap and wrap a warm towel over my head for 15-20 minutes.

*My top tip is to apply your deep conditioner to at least 10% dry hair this will allow the hair to absorb the conditioner because it is not already saturated with water hence has greater ability to norished the hair cuticles from within instead of just coating them.

There is a lot of washing involved in this routine but worry not as this is only once a week, plus your hair will thank you for it, after the final rinse of conditioner I apply a leave in conditioner & a two droplets of macula , I then let the hair air dry at least 80% before styling it making sure I keep heat to a minimum. I am currently trying out the Dyson blow dryer I will get back to you on that one. It's suppose to limit heat damage which means you can use it in this process without the fear of damaging your hair.

*Top tip if you have dry brittle hair make sure you wash out all the conditioner especially if it contains protein.

*If you have weak thin hair then you can afford to leave some of the conditioner behind to help strengthen the hair.

*If you have Ethnic thick and coarse hair texture layer your products start with a water based leave in, then a light cream finish off with an oil i.e. Argan or marula oil.

Here is to the hope that one day we all have hair like the girl in the Gif below.

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