• Esanth Moyo

The Perfect Beauty travel Kit ~ Hour Glass ~ Strobe lightning blush palette review

Travel season is so upon us, as summer looms; for those of us with children who are still in education, summer school holidays are the perfect opportunity to jet set and find adventure and create memories so I thought to myself if I was going minimal with my makeup "the no frills no fuss" type of makeup bag what would make the cut. And I came up with the following, Nars concealer L'oreal mascara, Dior lip scrub, Rosalena's goodness tonic and It would be criminal to leave out the hourglass strobe lightning palette, HG powders are some of the most multi tasking powders I have come across as yet. 

Lets talk about the packaging, do you remember the first limited edition palette hourglass brought us approximately two years ago? this is the exact same case they brought back this time. I am not going to ague, it works it is easy to carry around, the ability to swirl your brush in the casing is limitless. The packaging is steady, with mine having slipped out of my hands once or twice and still intact the packaging must have some substance to it. That's not to say you should tempt fate it will break if it falls hard enough. 

Hourglass deliver us three strobe ambient blushes, Incandescent electra  below, Brilliant nude and Euphoric fusion. These three can be used as individual blushes/highlighter or as a cocktail mix. I can not begin to explain how the brilliant nude blush is stunning on dark skins, it gives a golden halo as if you have the caribbean sunset behind you.

These blushes do have a little fall out, well I say a little conservatively here, when you use a brush other than a fan brush you do pick up a lot of powder that then falls of the brush and goes everywhere in the case. However, you can work round this by being very light handed or just using a fan brush. 

The blushes in this palette are mixed in with the HG, STROBE LIGHTING POWDERS these are their highlighting powders which make this palette a true glow getters dream. Your face will look brighter than your future if you apply these correctly. When I tell you the blushes create an illusion of a well rested, I have no problems kind of a glow it sounds far fetched yet this is oh! so true, and a testament of most people who have used HG powders. 

In the UK you can buy this palette over at spacenk for £59 and at sephora in the USA. This palette seems to be sold out but you never know they might release it again, like they did with the previous palette, if they do snatch quickly! let it be the only highlighter you will use for the rest of the year.

Brilliant nude 

Euphoric Fusion 

This is the natural look I created to try and show you how versatile this palette is, I used brilliant nude very lightly on my cheeks and I packed euphoric fusion on the eyes.  The possibilities are endless for more looks I will create with this palette be sure to follow me on Instagram @prettypeachblossom

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