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Power Fabric & Luminous silk foundation Review by (Giorgio Armani)

I was having a chat with a friend the other day, just informing her how I keep buying makeup, justifying it by telling myself I am updating my makeup stash. Who am I kidding I am a self confessed addict. Since I am not stopping anytime soon I might as well make myself useful and give you a nice indepth review of some of the things I buy starting with the Giorgioarmani latest foundations.

I bought the Luminous silk and the power fabric foundation. The first gives a silky dewy finish the later a mattifying look.

I have oily combination skin and it only takes a little running around before the shines comes though my nose and then the rest of my face.

That being said I believe both products have a place in my stash depending on the weather, how my skin is behaving and the look I am going for.

I did a try on for you whereby I applied the luminous silk on one side of my face and the power fabric foundation on the other. On top is my bare face do excuse me it's all in the name of presenting you with all the facts. Above is the au natural canvas I was working with.

To apply the foundation I used the artis brush oval 10 and the beauty blender. Unfortunately in pictures you don't get a true representation. However, the side I am holding each bottle corresponds to the foundation applied. As usual power fabric matte and luminous silk as the name suggests a more dewy cushion compact foundation type look.

The finished look


Both these foundations are actually amazing, power fabric foundation is great for long days when I am going to be on my feet all day long and are likely to break a sweat in a days grind. It stay put and holds shine at bay for at least 4-6hours depending on individual skin type. After 5-6 hour I may need to blot or powder the face.

On the other hand Luminous silk would be a great choice for normal to dry skin types. On me It produces a dewy look, and since I have oily skin, I in-fact have to bake (i.e. Apply a significant amount of powder to my t~zone) this is done as I am applying setting powder so as to avoid a glistening finish as the day progresses.

However, if the Korean glow is what you are after then this foundation is your close pal. Both foundations are medium to full coverage. I only have to use about two pumps for my whole face for significant coverage. As with most high end foundation the Giorgio Armani duo are long lasting and match perfectly to my skin tone. I wear number 12 in the fabric foundation and number 10 in the Luminous silk foundation. The power zfabric foundation comes with an SPF of 25 which is always a welcome addition. Especially for those of use who chemically exfoliate our skin regularly.

Ingredients for both foundations can be found on the GA website here.

Tell me what are your thoughts on these foundations and which one of the two would fit your skin and lifestyle.

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