• Esanth Moyo

Spring 🌸 Flings 🌺 with 🌼florals

You lovers of fashion know, that beauty and fashion are like twins! They go hand in hand, you might have the a perfect outfit but if your hair is out of place or your makeup is not slaying you might as well have not made the effort. Hence it's only natural for me a beauty blogger to be happy to share with your what I am wearing this spring. And florals seems to be dominant at the moment.

I saw this embroidered lace dress in H&M the other day and I knew I had to get it. It's exactly what we saw on the Catwalk main inspiration being Valentino and Gucci. As always when it comes to embroidery a node is only fair to the one the only needle and thread the main fashion brand that made us fall in love with this trend.  This dress is perfect as a dress or top paired with your favourite denim, today I wore it with jeans which works equally well in creating a weekend vibe. You can wear it anywhere anytime when you want to feel like a princess floating on the clouds. It's so romantic flowing and draping perfectly on most body shapes, all you need is the attitude to compliment it, my attitude of choice is being understated confidence yet I still feeling at home in this luxe number from H&M retailing for £79.  

What do you think of this dress don't for get to let me know below.

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