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Currently Loving ~ High End Beauty

I haven't done a monthly favourites in ages, However, I have got a few products I have really enjoyed up till now, so I thought why not share these. Lets get straight into it, In my previous posts I have discussed my love for dyptique, especially eau duelle its a warm spicy eau de perfum that retails for £105 from their website. This is a vanilla scent with rockrose and ambroxan, if you are intrigued with middle eastern oud scents this is kind of the middle ground not too woody and over powering like an oud perfum yet full of intriguing infusions that command respect. Highly recommend this perfume layered with dyptique's donson to create your own unique scent.

Another favourite with no surprises here is my love for dior, the lip sugar scrub, what an amazing concept that doesn't require licking of the lips or any messiness. This scrub applies like you would a lip balm all the sugar granuals melt into your lip eventually leaving your lips moist and ready for lipstick application. Thoroughly enjoying this so easy to do in the morning. The number of times I have had to change my lipstick of choice because my lips are so dry, but thanks to this little magic lip bullet I can wear what ever I want.

I am sure by now you have seen the trend of at home gel nails, that don't require any special treatment just apply and you are good to go. All the haute couture makeup houses have come up with an interpretation of their own, designed to last for up to 14 days with no chipping and a gel like shine, this is the perfect companion for individuals who can't go with out perfectly manicured nails like me. these gel nail polishes are super easy to remove no soaking required just apply nail polish remover on a cotton pad and buff away like any other nail polish.

Now, to my designer gel nail polish brand of choice! this has to be dior I love everything about this fashion house incase you didn't realise, the way they integrate their makeup line for women from all walks life and provide foundation for every skin tone this has to be applauded. They haven't disappointed in there gel nail range either coming in a wide range of sophisticated colours crafted to perfection in application and wear, I am smitten and so are a few of my friends I have introduced.

Now my next favourite is a bit of a splurge considering its only a primer, however its like a magic portion, your foundation looks flawless with a iridescent glow. Guerlains l'or has some 24 carat gold flakes giving your skin an ultra reflective beam. It has a hydrating gel like consistency, which feels like you are applying serum to your face. Might not be for you if you have sensitive skin because it is a heavily scented product, the smell is divine rose raspberry and jasmine are the top notes, even though I myself have sensitive skin, I didn't not react adversely to this primer which is a good sign.

Are you on instagram and follow skincare bloggers? Then the name Emma Hardie is nothing new to you, I recently won this cream in a give away hosted by the brand my friend Karen put me forward and we both won, hurray! I started using it almost immediately. I happened to be looking for a face cream that is not too rich in texture and my prayers were answered. I am not sure how well the cream works or if it actually helps brighten the skin as it has vitamin C, but what I know is it supports every thing else that you apply extremely well without leaving a greasy residue. The morning after the night you applied EH VIT_C cream your skin is not oily but nicely balanced and well hydrated. The same moisturiser can be used as a makeup base because of its mattifying properties. I believe this would be great for all skin types as it an amazing hydrator yet non oily a the same time. A 50ml jar costs £45 from cult beauty.

Last but not least is the coco code palette, It's just so pretty to look at if I didn't want to review it I would never use it just too pretty and smells amazing, the bright orange is an amazing blush which could be mixed the highlighter opposite for an added glow. The bronzer is great own its own, and the highlighter next to it is good as an eye shadow to highlight the tear duct, this palette is small but very versatile. It's makeup play with it as you will if it doesn't work out wash it off and try again.

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