• Esanth Moyo

Spring Clean ~ A face in a box

Every month I am so excited to talk to you all about the all green beauty box that's mintd. This box has come leaps and bounds, introducing us to new luxury products that we have not indulged in, or allowing us to afford products that would have normally been out of our reach due to budget constraints.

I can curate a full body pamper session or an indulgent at home facial from the products I have received from this beautifully unique beauty box.

This month is no different, and perfect for a skincare enthusiast or a complete newbie to the skincare world.

What you get this month is all you need to spring clean your beauty regime or to begin a well defined starter routine.

Below I talk you though how I use this routine, and I have actually found this lineup great for simple a quick morning or evening routine.


Every routine starts of with a good cleanse, the Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy facial cleanser is the perfect complexion companion, it contains Vitamin C and phenolic acid helping to gently exfoliate the skin. The texture is gummy as the name suggests but it turns into a milky consistency, the direction on how to use the cleansers tells us there is no need for a face cloth but I always use one it's a habit I can not break.

It feels good to use, non drying and gets the job done. I use it as a second cleanse when removing makeup.


If you are familiar with mintd box then you are probably familiar with Patchology, they brought use sheet mask in all forms and this month is no different, they bring us four detox smart mud masks made from rich volcanic ash, which help to cleanse and unclog pores. While keeping it nice and easy to remove the mud from the face once you are done with application. This mask is perfect for normal to combination skin and for people that wear makeup everyday. It enhances the cleansing routine and helps keep to unclog pores.


I would advice you to apply your favourite toner post mask, this is just a preference of mine you can skip if you are not a fan of toners. However what is not optional is a serum, this is the most crucial part of any routine because this liquid is very potent it is made from a very skin soluble molecular structure that allows even better absorption of product.

The Suman velvet skin brightening serum is one of the finest in Asian skincare it is an anti ageing brightening serum which contains hyaluronic acid and dragons blood just to name a few of the very impressive ingredients.

It's pure luxury very velvety in texture, leaves no residue and leaves the skin baby smooth and glowing with continued use.

This serum retails for £98.

Face cream

I have talked about the role probiotics play in skin care before, you can read all about it on previous posts.

Tula have answered our calls they have given us a Multivitamin for our skin a deeply hydrating day and night cream. Very light weight so much that I wear it as a makeup base every morning. Don't be mistaken light weight for lack of moisture, this is a power house it keeps you hydrated and maintains that glow throughout the day. It's the one cream I can say is truly suitable for all skin types.

This 50g tub retails for £40 from Spacenk, it was my first introduction to the brand I must say I am impressed.

Mintd have thought out every step whilst creating this routine, it's friendly to all skin types and is a pleasure to use.

Once more you receive a ready made skincare regime for £65 which would have otherwise set you back £186. I know which one I prefer and what I would do with the £120 change left over from this bargain.

Your skin will be well prepared for the brighter days to come. You can get yours now here, plus you can also get a 10% discount code when your first subscribe using the coupon code (WELCOME17), you will have a choice to subscribe to a monthly subscription of £65 or bi-monthly. This beauty box has had to be one of the best value beauty boxes on the market and they ship worldwide. You can see the previous mintd beauty boxes here.

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