• Esanth Moyo

A Salute to spring and sustainable fashion ~ featuring Jord watch

Let's be honest who doesn't like a varied watch collection, these days we change what's on our wrist almost the same way we swap out our outfits. You need a time piece that defies trends a wrist candy that will ride the wave of the ever defiant fashion hurricane, that comes to pass without fail every season. When all the magazines, blogs and podcasts are telling us it's to time to ditch all of last Seasons couture and move on to the next. I would love to stand up and say, I do not fall for that I am all ethical and conscious, of the effect the fashion industry has on the environment and on other human beings, but that would be to tell a lie. I am just as susceptible to the waves of change as everyone, so when I see a watch like Jord that actually makes me think, this watch is made from wood beit recyclable material, trees take a good while to grow so I have to appreciate my time piece make use of it everyday or as much as possible, to justify the tree that was cut down to produce this beautiful item.

This watch is extremely versatile, I believe it will fit in perfectly with this seasons trends of combat khakis, the yellows and much more that we saw on the runway recently. In this shoot I paired the watch with denim, everyone wears jeans, making this look relatable to almost everyone moreover, it is a simple yet perfect pairing. The same watch can be paired with a flirty spring dress to bring a cool edge to the whole outfit, I picked this watch from the men's section because I enjoy wearing a boyfriend watch, which introduces masculinity to a feminine vibe, plus this means you could share with your other half too. The cool tones of the, Frankie Zebra and Navy watch are perfect compliments to any outfit, the craftsmanship was not compromised with the dial being made Swiss ingenuity. This is a time piece that will last me for years to come, I apologies inadvance for the spam it will be on my social media accounts. I love it for it's simple yet sophisticated look with an edge, it is made of Zebra wood which is native to West Africa. If you are tempted can purchase one of these for $179 or £149 with free shipping worldwide. (not a sponsored post, this watch was sent to me in exchange of a honest review) The watch is light weight, you won't even know you are wearing it. Jord kindly offered my readers a chance to win $100 towards a watch of your choice from their website. Everyone is a winner this time around because if you enter the giveaway you will automatically receive $25 to put towards your very own Jord watch. One lucky person will be able to take away $100 to put towards the watch of their choice, this giveaway will be conducted by Jord wood watches on my behalf. Click in the tab at the end of the page to enter, and follow instructions. Giveaway open till the 2nd of April 2017.

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