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It's all about loving you  ~ 5 products to help you achieve self love from ~ MINTDBOX

Today is Valentine's Day what better way to start it off, than by showing yourself some love. I am not a great believer in Valentine's Day, only because I think life is too short and should always be dotted around with just because gifts and tokens of appreciation. I celebrate my nearest and dearest every single days, just because ...... ✨✨✨

That being said, the only way I am able to give so much to others is by making sure that I am well taken care of, my glass is full and ready to overflow into other people's glasses, of-course the glass is a metaphor.  

Very few things are needed to show yourself some love, for me bedside metal agility which is supported by yoga and meditation, which allows me to stay focused and balanced is a good at home spa session, this really helps me unwind. 

Thank fully, this months Mintd beauty box hit the mark and bought us exactly what we need. 

I would say start off by giving your self a facial, some previous Mintd boxes had lots of skincare treats which would come in handy for this.

This is how I would use these products, start off by dry brushing your whole body, while the bath tub fills up with water. Pour 2-3 caps full of the Therapie bath oil under runing water and breath in the aroma.

This bath oil is so luxurious it has a very earthy citrus scent probably due to the ingredients which include citrus bergamia peel oil, cedrus deodara wood oil and many more.

Soak away your worries and let your inner peace resurface. The Equilibrium bath and shower essence can be used in the shower too like the name suggests. It leaves your skin moisturised and feeling like you are wrapped in silk. But don't be tempted not to apply a body cream after all the self care beauty box has taken care of all your needs. So while the skin is still damp slather yourself in my beloved Ameliorate skin smoothing body lotion. This body lotion is divine and I am not just saying that, these guys know a thing or two about body care. I love love their body scrub and this body lotion is the icing on the cake. This moisturiser is meant to gently exfoliate tartgeting rough dry and bumpy areas, using lactic acid. This body cream has won the beauty shortlist award 2016 and the cosmopolitan beauty lab awards 2015. I have already stocked up on more of this lotion because I have been spoilt and now can't live without it.

We all know know that Mintd bring us parables free products and this batch of products are no different, and we love Cheryl and team for it. 

To finish off this pamper session roll some of the aromatherapy associates deep relaxing oil on your pulse points, this can be done at anytime when need, even though I love to apply it before bed, breath deeply and experience the relaxing and restful powers of camomile and sander wood for a tranquil nights sleep. This particular oil I have been using almost daily for the the past two years so I can attest to its calming properties.

Finally apply the skyn Iceland plumping lip gel for 10 minutes, this helps to smooth and plump your lips working in a similar way to sheet mask, leaving you with hydrated voluptuous lips. Five packets of these are included in the box, I am sure you will be heading over to cult beauty for some more after you have run out. 

The final product in this box is the smith and cult lash dance Mascara in black, the brush is wonderful and this is a volumising Mascara by no means a lengthening one, so I find this is when a lengthening primer comes in very handy.

The Mascara does not clump or dry up to leave your eye lashes as hard as rock, which makes me believe in the norishing effect of the product. I tried it for one week straight and I would say the Mascara lasts about 10-12 hours before it starts to migrate and flake. Which for a normal Mascara that is not water proof is not bad at all.

This are very luxurious products, the only product I could go with out is the lip plumping mask only because I have relatively big lips that don't need much help, before I start looking like a clown. 

The total recommended retail price of the products is  £133.50. Yet everything is available here for £65 plus if you are new to this box Mintd will give you a welcome discount code of 10%.

This is the perfect show your self some love, just because gift, for you or a loved one. 

Happy Valentines everyone. Let me know what you think about this beauty box so far in the comments below. 

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