• Esanth Moyo

Outfits of the Week

As you can see from the first picture, I have a new hair style. I needed to give my hair a break from any manipulation and heat styling, hence I chose to get braids.

As you all know producing high quality content takes time, I have been busy working on a post for the blog however, I don't feel it's up to scratch as yet so I am holding out. Nevertheless, I didn't want to miss an upload so I thought why not do an outfit of the week compilation.

From the top is what I wore today, my conservative Sunday frock. It's still quite cold in these parts of the world yet! I am fed up of wearing jeans and trousers so I went with a tribal print maxi skirt paired with a Ralph Lauren shirt and knitted jumper.

Same theme on Thursday when I wanted to get in touch with my feminine side, I wore topshop head to toe; a mid length leather skirt, Ralph Lauren jumper and a bomber jacket to keep the chill away, a little elegance introduced in the form of the mulberry scarf.

Tuesday was a casual affair with wide leg jeans an over sized Zara coat, paired with some white tods.

I spent that day running around catching up with errands and school buisness.

I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead.

With love always

Esnath x

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