• Esanth Moyo

Q & A 15 Skincare Tips to achieve an endless glow: PART 1

I am continuously asked about my skincare tips, so asked a few of you to come up with questions all about skincare that I would answer to the best of my ability here on the blog.

*What is my skincare philosophy?

Consistent use of good quality skincare products twice a day religiously. And for my skin type less is more. My current routine consists of a double cleanse, toner, esscence, serum and moisturiser. For my night time routine I use a mask every day depending on how my skin is behaving; mostly sheet masks these come in a variety of choices exfoliating, deep cleanse, moisturise and many more or if I need to treat any breakouts or hormonal surges I use a good old clay mask.

*Best advice you can give a skincare enthusiast on a budget?

Get aquatinted with asian skincare products especially Korean beauty, they have a huge green beauty market, of which majority of the products contain highly potent ingredients at very affordable prices. Which makes the 10 step routine seem within reach without breaking the bank.

*What is the perfect age to start investing in anti-ageing skincare?

I say catch them young 25 years old onwards prevention is better than cure. This is also the time we become proper adults finishing university etc and for the first time in our young lives the stress of the real world starts to take a toll on our wellbeing and the skin we wear.

What do you spend the most money on when it comes to skincare?

Serum of course! thats a no brainer they are usually the most potent of skincare products plus they are molecular structure mean they can penetrate deeper into the skin layers helping to treat and prevent discolouration, pigmentation, premature ageing or any other skincare concerns you might have.

What should we not waste our money on when it comes to skincare?

Choose wisely and save your money on cleansers. I cannot even come up with a good "unless" excuse for you to buy an over priced cleanser. The only reason should be paying a lot for a facial cleanser is because you can afford it and really enjoy the product nothing more.

*Do you prefer an oil serum or water based serum?

I prefer an oil based serum


Because I tend to get very dry patches on my cheeks if I use water based serums alone, even though I have combination skin. Some times I use them together starting with the water based serum then sealing everything in with the oil. Serums should be tailored to your specific skin needs, and an oil based serum tends to work best for me.

*Do you prefer Balm or oil cleanser?

I prefer a balm cleanser its less messy and even better if it emulsifies on contact with water, and it doesn't sting my eyes.

*Favourite Korean Skincare brand ?

Now thats a tough one, but I have to say it is Whamisa, their products deliver great results for my skin type.

*Favourite western skincare brand

Sunday Riley , Sarah Chapman and Pixi Beauty as a more affordable range.

*What skincare product could you not live without?

I was recently introduced to this Russian skincare brand Natura Siberica their mask, I promise you has some medicinal properties when it comes to getting rid if breakouts. It has become a desert island product for me and my go too at least once every month when nature decides it's in charge.

I am also very smitten with the Heimish cleansing balm as it removes very last drop of makeup from my skin leaving it squeaky clean yet very comfortable.

If you follow me on Instagram then the Vliss organics serum won't come to you as a surprise, this all natural Australian skincare brand has me head over heels, the serum is the ultimate brightening and anti ageing serum for me at the moment.

*What inspires your skincare Regime?

Nature, I am a green beauty at heart even though it's taking me too long to commit, I always look to nature and realise it never fails it's in perfect harmony unless we temper with it, so I always look to mother nature for beauty skincare secrets examples charcoal for teeth whitening, coconut oil for pretty much everything, wheat grass to help me stay cold free through out the winter, the list is endless. Imagine that bird droppings are actually really good for our skin what more can I say.

*Favourite skincare guilty pleasure?

Expensive toners I am 90% sure they are not that necessary yet I keep getting lured in to the hype and continue to buy a £50 bottle of water. This has to stop as I have kids to take to college soon.

*Film Character with skin you admire

Oliva Pope in Scandal, just look at her need I say more.

*What is the next big thing in skincarefermented?

Ingredients you will need to get used to hearing are Yuza a citric fruit highly concentrated with vitamin c for the usual reasons brightening protection from pollution and premature ageing.

Birch Juice move over hylaronic acid this liquid is derived directly from birch trees which it helps to retain moisture, we will see this translated in skincare products replacing water.

Honey is still on trends yet this time its gone a step further by being , we are going to see more clay sheet masks; 2017 is going to be rise and rise of super food skincare even bigger and better this time around.

I am excited finally people are beginning to under stand the importance of looking after their skin.

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With Love always x