• Esanth Moyo

What's New in Skincare & Beauty

Hello Beauties, the year is well and truly underway, and what better way to set it off than by going through new beauty releases that we are all excited to see this season.

The London queen of skincare Sarah Chapman has a very anticipated lip product coming our way, the over night lip concentrate available for pre-order online at £32 for 15mls, shipping will commence mid January.

This is an anti ageing conditioning balm, it is meant to include the skinesis night treatment technology and some innovative ingredients that will help fight the signs of pre mature ageing caused by pollution, stress and environmental damage. If I get my hands on this I will definitely keep you updated.

Sarah Chapman

Jo Malone

Jo Malone treats us to one more of their cologne intense, which can be layered with the lime basil and neroli to create a sumptuous spicy scent or layer with velvet rose and oud to intensify the rose scent with precious resins. This cologne was inspired by the Namibian desert colours, the flirtation and lure of distant horizons. I am very excited by the idea of this scent as far far away travel expeditions lie close to my heart and this is the closest I can get to my ideology. Get yours here.


For some of us not in the USA this brand has been nothing but a myth, with the shipping charges and import duties most of us decided to hold tight until we had this available locally. Beauty lovers your prayers have been answered Pharmacy is now available at Cult beauty, no extra shipping charges or import duty fees. Enjoy I sure do hope it was worth the wait. You can find it here


This is a relatively new on the scene skincare brand, who have recently launched a new super food range that includes a facial cleanser and facial oils. My advice would be to invest in the super seed facial oil which retails for £70 though currently sold out on their website it might be available via Liberty of London.

The cleanser retails for £55 which is dear though, not a problem if you are not on a budget like the rest of us. If I buy these products myself with my own money, I will get the facial oil first, then allow myself to get the cleanser when I have a few extra pennies to spend. I have a feeling this is a brand we are going to see a lot more off this year.

Bobbi Brown

I am a little bit fussy about makeup lines that try to break into skincare, self help gurus always tell us find your tribe and stick with them, I feel sometimes makeup brands loose sight, and have too many fingers in too many pies, resulting in insufficient product development thus poor quality by-product delivered ultimately. However, it seems Bobbi Brown has been doing well and embracing this skincare game well, after all this brand is just like us at prettypeachblossom.com we believe make up should only enhance and never conceal. I for one am super excited about the skin clarifier, I hope it won't let me down. Learn more about this range over here.

Dry Face Brushing

Last but not least is dry brushing this time its not about dry brushing your body no ma'am it's your face. Yes, after doing some research I realised that this is nothing new, people have been doing this for year. It's just gone full circle and this trend is back Below is an image credits to Pinterest that will have you dry brushing your face like a pro. I will follow on with a full review of everything mentioned here and my experience with dry facial dry brushing. You can get you dry face brush here.

Let me know of any new products or trends you are excited about in 2017.

Love Always x

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