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My One Wish for you in 2017 is Strong Mental Agility to help you Shift Barriers

Welcome everybody to a new year here on prettypeachblossom.com, thank you for sticking around and a big warm welcome to our new followers. Even though I am so much that annoying friend who is all about new year new me, because I believe in reinventing myself. The start of a new year it is a new opportunity for new beginnings a do over, a chance to get things right, to forgive myself and others and to move on to the next chapter. However, this year we are not doing that I am sharing with you my greatest desire for me and you. And here it goes...........

If there is one thing you and I need to learn to control this new year, let that be our brain.

If you are anything like me your brain is like a drunk monkey it can take you from a happy fulfilling life to the end of the world where hunger and feminine are rife, a world with no law and order then back to worrying about getting a parking spot at my favourite shopping mall.

I hope you can follow me here, what I am saying is my brain is the boss not me, it has free reign to think what ever it wants with no regard on the impact on my wellbeing.

Hence my wish for us all is to practice and harness mind control. This monkey cannot be tamed but can be distracted.

And the is how we can we achieve this -

Guard your thoughts

1• Be aware of how you are feeling constantly, your body tells you almost immediately if there is a shift in energy inside you. You might feel irritated, angry or frightened recognise these feelings and link them to the cause, then immediately change those thoughts to something uplifting, if it's a situation excuse yourself and brain storm how you are going to keep a positive mind frame for the time being.

Distract yourself

2• Find an effective distraction method, mine is uplifting music or calling my mother to talk about absolutely nothing of significance. Do not force the thoughts out of your head this doesn't work. Rather ask your self the question what's the worst case scenario usually you realise it's not that bad, if it really is that bad does worrying change anything? Remind your self that worry is a thief that robs out of now, a moment of your life you will never get back. Be a warrior not a worrier.

Create Happy Habits

3.You know your triggers, why don't you make an effort to avoid them, if you can't find thoughts or actions that instantly turn these trigger moments into insignificant events. Create a list of mood shifting ideas on your phone, that you can quickly refer too, I have a happy mood playlist on spotify to help me achieve this or I listen to a motivating book on audible like change your thoughts change your life.

Challenge yourself

4.With the passing of time challenge yourself, make your goals bigger and better, if your aim was to start a blog for an instance, alter it to starting and achieving a successful blog with amazing, engaging content. Your focus will be on achieving what you set out, hence certain events that will happen in life will become minor irritants.

Spread Love

5. Finally spread love, it will sure be returned to you double fold, however, in a world full of competition and one upping each other this is not an easy. Yet, I truly believe that this is achievable. I myself have some individuals I struggling to be around but I have made a decision to work at not letting my environment affect my inner peace, no one can upset you without your permission.

These might seem like simple mundane actions, but I kid you not if I manage to maintain such focus that I start to practice these everyday till June, I will truly have mastered the art of inner peace and happiness and so will you.

Be rest assured the storm will come, the difference will be on how you will handle it. Be strong determined and courageous if all else fails wear a little lipstick that should solve all your problems. Happy 2017 my gorgeous friends.

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With Love always X

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