• Esanth Moyo

French Sophisticate | A Confenssion

You probably guessed this or already know, mama loves a natural makeup look. I am sure I was french in my previous life.

There is an air of elegance, unintentional sophistication that is exude by a Parisian women; that effortless, yet! well put together look, that I envy so much.

I feel my most confident when I am wearing minimum makeup and as I grow older I don't see this changing soon. Probably the main reason why I work so hard on my skincare regime.

I also have to give a node to my African heritage where actually most women wear no makeup what so ever yet they are fierce confident and forces to be reckoned with. I am looking at you Diana (my grandmother).

Let's take a look back at 2016 the faces I rocked no doubt it will all turn out to be no makeup makeup looks through and through, but this has always been the goal.

No fuss is key here, no one needs to know you washed your face twice before you got it right, rock the look, act like you just rolled out of bed looking fabulously chic. Let me let you in on a secret how I came to the decision Parisian chic is the trend for me and I am sticking with it.

I never thought I looked very good wearing makeup maybe my skills let me down a little, who am I kidding I just didn't have the artistic flair for applying makeup, as my fellow counterparts. I had two choices hide behind oversized sunglasses for the rest of my life or work with the skills I had to create the best look I could and rock it like it was the latest trend. I chose the later and it's never let me down since. To seal the Parisian approval I almost always have a perfect manicure, if it starts to chip it comes off, those who are close to me know that chipped nails is one of my biggest pet hates and try to practice what I preach! Perfect nails if nothing else.

My point is we all have different skill and attributes, as we move into the year ahead embrace you and make what ever you are good at work for you. The 14 year old me who had no clue on how to apply makeup never knew that one day, someone should tell me I have nailed the French Chic effortless makeup look, yet here we are.

Do you admire French women and their effortless chic?

Be you and stay happy beauties.

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