• Esanth Moyo

Gratitude for the year before and the year to come

Gratitude is the readiness to show appreciation, in my case gratitude is being prepared to acknowledge the blessing that is life. 

I have to start by saying I am so grateful for 2016, it was a very gentle teacher. Every turn was a learning curve and an opportunity to create amazing memories. Thank you for good health and abundance, for an amazingly dysfunctional yet most loving extended family. 

I am grateful for all that 2017 has in-store, I am open and ready to receive all it's lessons.

I know only the best year lies ahead for my friends, family and anyone reading this post.

I hope you join me in attracting the best life yet, I want to thank you and take a moment to appreciate you the generosity of your time and continued support. 

I know 2017 will be inspired and hope to bring to you my best creative content ever.

Lets recap 2016, this was the year I started off on you tube, then realised that my passion was writing and playing with words on paper. So last May l started actually blogging the aim was once a week, but this didn't happen I was not seriously committed.

If I am truly honest with myself I dedicated a decent amount of time on this blog from July onwards. Shortly after I went for the holiday of a life time, since we have children of school going age our vacations are limited to mostly school holidays even though family does help out every now and again, to allow me and my sweetheart to explore the world. 

I changed job twice this year, which made me realise  I have to be self employed as I do not do well with too strict a regiment and going through life on someone else's terms. 

So I am in the process of growing my small business into an income generating project that will help me replace my full time job for good. The blog will run along side the business however, I want my blogging to evolve organically, I have no wish to be driven by sponsored post or to loose my authenticity only to fit in with a brand hence I refrain from blogging for a profit until the time is right. 

I am analysing the four hour work week and trying to implement this in my own life and hope to continue developing with the year to come.

So you see what I mean that this past year has been gentle in lots of ways probably what I need to ease me into a new chapter a turn I never knew was coming yet I am extremely grateful for.

I hope you have enjoyed following this journey this far, don't hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have in the comments below.

With Love always