• Esanth Moyo

5 Reasons Why Good Skincare Is Not Optional Anymore

Our Hectic lifestyles

Are you like me, constantly chasing your tail researching in Vouge & Porter magazine for that eye cream that will help you cheat sleep.

You run on coffee as fuel and if you miss a cup you are a red eyed monster. Yes these are the lives we are living, none stop, literally running ourselves into the ground. So if you are a savvy well educated individual you know we live in an age were your skincare game has to be a priority, or premature ageing is imminent. Get your priorities right there is no need for anyone to guess your age just by looking at you anymore. We are in an era of great skincare inventions be wise let that work in your favour.

Bad eating habits

Because of the above mentioned (a hectic lifestyle) which impacts on the way we eat, we make impulsive choices neglecting healthy eating as a daily activity we are always in a rush buying most of our foods precooked for convenience. This definitely shows on our skin, and even though we never compensate for a poor diet, we can definitely present an illusion in the short term while we get our act together. Have a regular effective skincare routine this might be your secret to disguising heavy christmas celebrations and the new year excitement.

Environmental pollution

Need I say more, we all know that pollution in all aspects is rife depending with where you live and your lifestyle this can also wrecks havoc on your skin. They are plenty of products out there that claim to be anti pollution, I couldn't say much about them, I have never tailored my routines to anti pollution requirements as yet. What I love to incorporate in my routines are super charged oils and serums containing anti oxidants which fight free radicals and help the skin to fight the elements and environmental pollution.

We Know better

Come on now, most of us know better now that google has made life so much easier, everything is at your finger tips, if you don't have time to research request a blog post on the subject at hand from you favourite beauty blogger, I am sure they won't mind to conduct the research on your behalf and give you the feed back in the foam of a blog posts.

We are judged on how we look all the time, I really don't care what anyone says, as horrible as it sounds make your skin perfect so you are are one step ahead, if you take care of you skin it will take care of you in the truest sense of the meaning.

The Goal is to look great at any age

Don't take it too seriously after all it's only skin deep, live laugh love, and enjoy, the process of taking time to pamper yourself and give yourself a well deserved treat. Even the best skincare products cannot give you a good piece of mind. Take care of your mental health check in with your inner self offen.

Yoga, mediation, exercise listen to music what ever helps you quieten that crazy monkey that's your brain. Good well being combined with a great skincare routine are the keys to looking great at any age.

Let me sum it up for you

Eat well

Drink plenty of water

Have a good skincare regimen tailored to your needs

Limit the alcohol intake

Take care of your mental health find your most effective distressing activity and stick with it.

Remember you will never look like you are 20 when you are 50 embrace looking good at every stage of your life. Be grateful at every age it's a blessing just to be alive.

Love always x

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