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Lingerie De Peau | My thoughts

It's always going to be a comparison for me when it comes to foundation my favourite being Dior Nude. A little history on my foundation preference! I work hard in keeping my skin nice and clear this means having a consistent good skincare regime, Okay! maybe a little excessive or even obsessive. I love skincare probably spend a good percentage of my pay check on it, my husband has asked me to keep all the receipts because he is claiming a refund once the wrinkles start coming though. That being said for me foundation should only enhance that is help to slightly even out the skin tone and not conceal what I have worked so hard to achieve, which is glowing skin. The foundation that does just that and provides me with amazing results is Dior Nude. However, having seen the Guerlain Lingerie de beau a lot on Instagram of course I had to try it.

Boy did it turn out to be a good foundation a true match to my skin tone plus very little of this foundation goes a long way.

The packaging of this cosmetic line is exquisite; I would pay ten fold just to have this heavy curvy glass container sit on my vanity, Guerlain did not compromise they did an excellent job.

I guess this is reflected in the price though I would say cost per wear you are getting bang for your buck, very little product is needed to complete a look. Making this luxurious yet economical and will definitely see me through a few months with everyday use.

The brush is one I didn't use at first because I thought it was too pretty to use, when I finally did, I wasn't blown away. Let's just say it's not love at first use. Will have to put it to the test further and come to a decision.

What I have to say is this foundation applies beautifully when used on top of the Guerlain L'Or radiance concentrate with pure gold makeup base.

Though not without its clown moments, on first application this foundation looked at least 5 shades lighter than me, it oxidises in a few seconds and starts to colour match to my skin tone.

To blend I use the Laura Mercier version of the beauty blender. Leaving me with a flawless base.

I also discovered that this foundation doesn't cake or need to much powder to set it in place, that's a definite plus on the days I want a dewy look.

I have worn this foundation for thirteen hours straight, no touch ups and I still looked well put together, if we disregard my tired eyes and grumpy face.

This stuff does not budge, despite the fact that I prefer Dior Nude over it, I have no doubt this can easily become someone else's holy grail foundation.

I for one will definitely enjoy using it for the duration of this beautiful bottle.

Have you tried any new foundations recently? Happy Holidays to you all

Love always x

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