• Esanth Moyo

Casual Christmas Out fit | Get inspired

Being a mum means no fancy dressing for me on Christmas day. However, like any other woman I still want to look chic. Over here in England December is a cold season as you are all aware, so I need to look sophisticated, yet wrapped up for the traditional walk after the food binge.

I don't know about you but a dress makes me feel so girly and dressed up, this is where the turtle neck comes into play. Since it hasn't been that cold as yet why not make use of the trench coat too, serving as a stylish yet functional piece, because a trench coat comes in very handy on wet days.

This outfit can be worn with tights, I couldn't find mine before the photo shot so I had to make use of my brown legs.

I haven't gone to church on Christmas day over the past two years, despite this being a very important tradition in my family, so I am making it my mission to go this year. This is a way of showing gratitude for the year behind and the year to come. After church we would then go home and put ourselves into a food comma, before trying to walk all the calories off. Who am I kidding, it will take me the rest of the year to shed the pounds I gain over christmas.

As I am writing this it's only 6 days left before christmas day is upon us and I don't at all feel ready, I need to schedule my blogmas posts, make sure all the food has been delivered, the house is in order and any loose ends have been tied.

I keep saying to myself its too hectic planning for the holidays, I must book a serviced cottage so I can relax; yet it never happens, oh well, maybe next year. I don't know about you guys but this time of the year I try and take stock of the year we are living behind, as good friends I can honestly tell you, Its been a good year not as exciting, yet in my head a calm drama free year is a good thing. I only stepped up my blogging game later on in the year so I expecting to see significant growth and change over the next couple of months.

I also realised I really enjoy creating fashion post which will be featured more on www.prettypeachblossom.com in 2017. Forget rules this is our blog and between you and me we will do what makes our soul smile.

I would love to know your opinions,on this, and if I could ask you for a favour starting with this post, just leave a comment letting me know you have been here, share the posts on your social media or with a friend. I know you all read because I see the stats and I am so very grateful for each person who takes their time to stop by and read my content.

Hope you find this interesting.

Before I forget on my face I always go for a natural look as far as my make up is concerned, even though I smoked up the eyes a little, no lash extensions because I am that bad at applying them myself that will have to be reserved for new year.

The bag is Red Valentino, Shoes my usual trusted Kurt Geiger, the dress French Connection, turtle neck M&S, watch rolex, rings are from Beaver Brook.

With love always