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Tarte X Grav3 Yard Girl | SWAMP | Make up palette Review

Let us look at the history of Tarte Cosmetics, for a minute, this is an all American makeup and skincare brand. Tarte is cruelty free and vegan friendly, their products are always formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium laurel sulphate or gluten. I first discovered Tarte via QVC a few years back. The first products I used from the range where the amazonian clay mineral foundation, the famous lights camera lashes mascara and the amazonian clay blush. I also quickly got hooked on their make-up brushes, which came free with my purchases; this did not mean poor quality brushes, that under deliver! Not at all, surprisingly I got high performing tools.

Tarte are your all natural skincare and make-up gurus, who have a cult following and are very well established in the US, however on this side of the pond we where only recently introduced to them.

Tarte's ethos is high-performance, nice-to-your skin formulas made with natural ingredients, good for you glamour, Hence, when I was picked by Tarte to trial this all in one make up palette I had no hesitation, what do you think I said? Of course I had to try it, being a range of products I love and already use why not. Just take a look at this beauty in the picture below.The packaging is robust, yet pretty the mirror you get with it, puts your vanity mirror to shame; It's all so well thought out. Credit has to be given to Bunny the Grave yard girl a You tube sensation with over 7.5 million followers, the girl did good.

Those of you who are regulars and follow this blog, know I am the queen of natural no make up, make up glam, so true to my self that is the look I went for and tried to achieve using only this palette.

The base was all Guerlain full review to follow.

Let me take you step by step how I created this look.

1. Using the brush provided I swiped big baby all over my eye lid then blended.

2. I used dogman on the crease of my eye as a transition colour, blend again.

3. I tapped natural peaches on the eye socket, and made sure to blend, so here is a nice gradient transition between the shadows.

4. I I then wet a brush and applied man cat to the ouster corner of my eyes blending it again whilst bringing it into the middle of my eye.

5. I used my ring finger to tap sassy bun to my eye socket and tear duct.

6. Blend everything carefully to reduce harsh demarcations, yet maintaining the colour contrast.

7. I then used mancat as an eye liner to and bottom, slightly smudging it as I applied.

8.I finished off the eye look by applying two coats of mascara.

All the other brushes used to create this look where Zoeva eye makeup brushes and the tarte blush make up brush.

On the cheeks I used the blush inside the palette named 'does this thing really work', then highlighted my brow bone and above the cheeks using 'gator wings'. "Sweet tea" was used a bronzer for the rest of the face.

I found this look to be very day time appropriate and very easy to recreate. Let me know in the comments below what you think about this look.

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