• Esanth Moyo

Beauty Enchantments in November

So I haven't actually sat down to list a few of my favourite products recently. Yet, I have a strong incarnation that it has to be done.

I actually have another list mainly consisting of run as far as you can, and save your money type products, but that's to follow.

Anyway, one particular start product this month has to be

•The ORDINARY Lactic acid 10% +2% HA

I am not even going to go through the whole explanation of how affordable it is, which to some is apparently a bad thing. In what world is having a high performing product accessible to everyone ever a bad thing? Well if your skin can tolerate this and you are not using it girl or boy it's your loss.

This stuff is amazing, sometimes I just use it one day before an event and my face is in glow mood.

This liquid is a little potent though, so I recommend using it with a compatible face cream or oil, worry not as this does not defect the result at all.

•Yes to Carrots Body butter

Holly Molly why didn't I try this sooner, it's an amazing all rounder on the face too, hubby was my guinea pig.

This was the easiest way to get him to moisturise both his face and body using just one product.

"One of my kids just disturbed me so I lost my train of thought, they couldn't find their socks" here is how the conversation went, Daughter: mum! where are my socks? My reply: my genius is shining right about now don't disturb! ask dad, and I chuckled to myself, thinking 💭 as if he even knows where his own socks are"

Anyway I digress back to the yes to carrot body butter, this is a super rich butter as the name suggests, yet it's very absorbent leaving your skin smelling divine and well hydrated.

Some of the ingredients include Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Chinesis seed oil, Olive oil and Citric acid plus many more. It also contains a fragrance which I happen to love. The products is made from 95% natural ingredients and retails for £9.99 at Holland and Barrets.

Another recent makeup discovery has been the Guerlain volumising mascara. I combine it with Diorshow maximiser 3D triple volume plumping lash primer, needless to say I have no use for false lashes anymore.

What a combination, I can honestly say can't leave without this duo now, or my eyes will feel naked. The wand on that mascara is goof proof, I haven't smudged my makeup since I started using it. If only it where more on the budget friendly side. If you are like me and need very easy makeup products to apply then you can get this here.

Finally the one thing that I have used for years and would love to share with everyone who reads this blog is the everyday matters pocket book of days.

This diary is full of inspirational quotes like "True happiness comes from the joy of deeds welldone, the zest of creating things anew"

This book has seen me through highs and lows I can always open any page, on any day and be rest assured that, I will have comforting or encouraging words form a trusted companion.

So my first give away of the month of December will be this amazing diary.

All you need to do is make sure you follow me on Instagram @prettypeachblossom and leave a comment here to let me know that you would like to be entered for this give away.

With love always


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