• Esanth Moyo


I feel like this month we are really going to get to know each other, so in the spirit of being open and honest, I confess "Hi I am Esnath and I love to shop, worse still; very expensive items that include beauty, fashion and lifestyle products."

There is absolutely no problem with treating yourself, to goodies that you will use and enjoy. However, I feel in this business it's easy for people to see thousands of products being advertised on platforms like Instagram and want it all.

First and foremost I have to say a lot of the products bloggers use are sent to them for free. They try them out and if they love them enough they share. That's how we bring value to you our beloved readers so you don't waste your money. That said we don't receive everything so sometimes we buy too.

Can't emphasise enough how important it is to have balance in this business, being in the blogging world constantly bombarded with new products and ways to spend your money, fighting the urge to jump on the band wagon and fit in with the cool kids is all too easy, giving you an excuse to neglecting your personal savings account and other goals.

I hold my hand up I am one of those who won't miss the next best product. My mind needs actual retraining as it's in constant spot the next cult product mode, get it ASAP and share it with the readers.

And if you have noticed these things aren't getting cheap.

So here are my five tips to help you stay on track, allowing you to only buy what you want and value.

  1. Curate three skincare routines, Day time, Night time and a stash of alternate products that can be interchanged so your skin doesn't get used to the same ingredients and become lazy.

  2. Makeup, this is where I have saved a lot over the years, I know what I want and what works for me, so I stick with it. The main areas I focus on to turn my beat, from day to night is usually eye make up or the lips, if I am being fancy maybe pile on the highlighter too.

  3. Recycle ♻️ find someone to swap products with, these might be those impulse purchases you might not be enjoying.

  4. Sell on eBay to make extra cash to buy what you want.

  5. Ask yourself do I really need it, put the money which you where going to spend buying all those products, in a jar. Let it grow, then count how much you have after 3 months. Treat yourself to something tangible that will last you for years. This will serve as a reminder of what you can afford if you stop wasting money on beauty products you don't need.As we go through BLOGMAS this December I want you to share with me what your thoughts are on the products we will discuss. I always make a conscious effort to only share products I truly believe in. Whatever doesn't work or is overpriced I will also pledge to let you know. Don't forget to sign up for the mailing list to receive a news letter once every month, starting in January 2017.Happy December everybody and let the blogging mayhem begin. With Love always


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