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Who to keep an eye on | Influencers and Books to read for inspiration

Hey! Thanks for coming back or checking us out for the first time.

I am always on the look out for those very inspiring creators be it bloggers or you tubers, naturally I am the self help guide pursuant too or I like to think so.

Being creative requires constant stimulation from different aspects of your area of interest, hence my continued prowl on the world wide web for the best big or small influencers. I support them by watching reading commenting and liking, while at the same time using them as stimuli to awaken my imagination.

In this article I am going to share with you, either people, books or blogs that help me keep that fire burning.

Hoping that I can be the same inspiration to others.

Let me start by explaining to you what really resonates with my passion.

Self Help

I know this is a very broad subject, which covers a vast array of topics. I will mention Gratitude, Happiness and Self development. My opinion is a well rounded individual has to appreciate today and now, be happy regardless of external influence and have the wisdom to know we are all learning and growing continually.


I believe great wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle is projected through your skin. I guess this is why I am so passionate about that glow.


I am a Normard at heart, I would travel all year round if circumstances permit. Not only do I grow in mind and spirit but the adventure sparks a child like excitement in my soul.

It is natural to feel down and lack motivation every now and again,Below are the external factors that help my genius shine, when I feel the light is about to deem.

You Tubers and Bloggers That Inspire Me

Mimi Ikon and Alex Ikon, Mimi is a very inspirational driven business women who happens to do YouTube for fun, my kind of girl. She recently became a mum to beautiful Alexalove she works side by side with her husband Alex and they are a force to be reckoned with. If you are a go getter who needs to be inspired by others who started from nothing this is the couple to follow.

Hey Claire, oh my good this girl is gifted she is so so creative watching her videos is like watching a trailer of a high production movie. Follow her as she navigates life, deal with her mothers dementia and share beauty tips and tricks too. Plus she does amazing make up.

If I am feeling spendy then I watch Chase Amie she is a humble very down to earth girl who anyone can relate to, and if you are a designer handbag enthusiast then this is a you tube Chanel to keep your eye on, she also has a blog did I mention she has a full time job too.

The bloggers I am currently obsessed with have to be This That Beauty a skincare lover just like me very well put together and elegant, 40 years old but looks no where near 20 and Margo and me a fashion blogger who is slaying the game, she also recently started a you tube chanel.


The books I have read to keep me focused on the goal and on self development.

Dr Wayne Dwyer Change your thoughts change your life.

Do Less Get More By Sháá Wasmund

Linchpin by Seth Godin

The Million Dollar Blog by Vicki Psarias of the honest mum blog

Breaking the habit of being yourself By Joe Dispenza.

If you want me to do a full book review for this books let me know, as It is a long topic and a full post on its on.

I would love to discover new travel bloggers or YouTubers, so please let me know of any that you like in the comments below.

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