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My Everyday | Capsulated Skincare routine with amazing results

All I am saying is get maximum results yet limiting the amount of products piled on to you face at the same time.

Please allow me to share with you what I have been using for my skincare routine. All you need are a few complimentary products that can be layered to create the perfect skincare regime. Now! I am not arguing with the importance of a diverse product range, having a diverse collection of skincare is valuable to ensure a selection of highly active ingredients.

I know this might be contradictory to what we continually see and envy on instagram. However, most experts including Dr Sam Bunting agree that it's not about the amount of products you use but the potency of ingredients in them.

Even the notorious Korean skincare routine known for its 10 steps, is not an everyday occurrence, among asian women, according to Sarah and Christine the founders of Glow recipe, which is an online store specialising in Korean skincare.

At Night

I always double cleanse, even if I am not wearing makeup.

Firstly, I remove the makeup using the Heimish all clean balm and a warm flannel cloth. Then I give my face a good massage using the Sarah Chapman skinesis rapid radiance cleanse, I gently massage my face for at least five minutes, this is the best part of the whole routine.

The benefits of massaging your face are as follows :-

*You stimulate the facial muscles, giving them the equivalent of a good session at the gym, we all know the benefits of that.

*As you massage the face you also increase blood circulation allowing for oxygen to come to the surface, this is a natural form of an anti aging treatment in it self.

*Massaging your face also releases tension, that could possibly contribute to fine lines and wrinkles.

This additional step doesn't have to be done when cleansing you could also do it when applying oils, I do it twice in the same routine, if I have the time and patience.

Sheet mask and Serum

I use a sheet mask immediately after my cleanse and tone, on to a fresh face, leave it on for 10-15 minutes. There is a lot of debate around whether, to use a toner before or after a sheet mask. I treat my sheet mask as a part of my skin treats. Hence it always comes before, of course this is completely personal and every individual should choose what works best for them.

So what are the benefits of sheet masks?

*They are infused with essence or serums to nourish the skin. The sheet will add absorption by slowing down evaporation.

*They come Individually packaged making them portable, fast and easy to use.

*Remember not all sheet masks are made equally, hydrogel masks tend to be the most favourable because they allow the essence to infuse into the skin, by holding on to moisture for longer.

After applying the sheet mask, I use a serum, at the moment I use the Vliss organic antioxidant night serum. The use of a serum is essential ensuring the delivery of targeted results for specific skincare issues, their molecular particles tend to be less dense and absorb deeper into the skin layer.

The Eyes

With my ring finger I follow on and dab a pea size amount of eye cream around my orbital bone, again I have read a few articles that argue that your face cream, could do just as good a job as your eye cream, which I believe. I used to use Elemis pro collogen marine cream around my eyes, however this cream is a gel like consistency so not too heavy for the skin around the eyes, nonetheless, still very hydrating. As I have developed my routine, I appreciate targeted results which means an eye cream to accurately target my concerns.

Face oil is optional depending on the type of serum I have used, if I use a water based serum them I use a face oil, if my serum is oily then I skip this part.

Finally I seal it all on in using a face cream, which is an important step in my routine, and a habit I could never break, because; before using all these other products the one thing I have always used is a face cream..

Here is a Step by step of how I use these products.

  • Double Cleanse Hemish then second cleanse and massage using Sarah Chapman radiance cleanse

  • Tone & Exfoliate using the Sarah Chapman liquid facial resurfacer.

  • Apply a sheet mask, most of the time I use the Whamisa Kelp sheet mask.

  • Add the a serum which happens to be from Vliss organics at the moment.

  • Apply an eye cream

  • Apply my Skinesis overnight facial then incorporate their facial massage or use a jade roller.

  • Seal it all in using a face cream.

At least twice a week I also use a deep cleansing mask because I have oily combination skin.

My mask of choice at the moment is the Sukin detoxifying clay mask.

This skincare regiment is very simple compared to what we see every day on our social media, yet it's proven to be my best kept secret.

Let me know what you think 💭, and how does this differ from your current cleansing routine.

Love always x

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