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Anti-aging HandCare | Winter Guide

I don't know about you, but my mitts are in anguish. Amidst the cold weather, central heating plus constant hand washing they stand no chance, they look so dry and dehydrated, my manicures are wasted on such paws; #notcool not to mention the the fact, it's just an eye sore, not very aesthetically pleasing at the least.

So I was inspired to come up with my own hand care routine.

These are the products you will need

•Hand wash

•Chemical or Manual exfoliator

•Hand and cuticle cream

•Cuticle oil

•A Vitamin C and Vitamin E serum

•Hand balm of choice

•Magic stripes hand repair gloves (optional) you can use a hydrating mask instead.

•100% cotton bedtime gloves

•Leather gloves for the day time.

We spend so much time taking care of the skin on our face neglecting our hands, yet this could be a very simple additional step in conjunction with your everyday routine.

Once a week habit

Exfoliate once every week so that the products you use on your hands for the rest of the week actually penetrate the skin, and make a noticeable difference.

I used Lactic acid by the ORDINARY because it is affordable, this contains highly active ingredients so it can feel a little tingly. I also follow it up with an oil to avoid irritation. Please patch test and make sure your hands are not too sensitive before going ahead with this step. Otherwise just use a manual exfoliator of your choice, suggestion here

Twice a week habit

Use a hydrating mask on your hands, I have been using the magic stripes hand repairing gloves. But if these are not available; apply a hydrating mask of your choice suggestion here.

Wrap your hands in cling film for 10 - 20 minutes before bed, add an oil of your choice preferably a vitamin C or vitamin E oil, wear your cotton gloves then let your hands rest.

Every single day habit

Keep a hydrating hand cream and nail cutical oil in you hand bag. Use these as often as needed or after every hand wash.

In winter I prefer loccitane Shea butter hand cream for dry skin, the body shop almond and nail & cutical oil or the burts bees lemon butter cutical cream.

I also have my leather gloves at hand, which I wear anytime when my hands are exposed they also provide sun protection, as I used Lactic acid on my hands. If you don't wear gloves find a hand cream with and SPF in it.

Notice how I have called each one of these habits instead of regime, it's a proven fact that when you develop habitual activity you get accustomed to conducting this particular ritual and view it as something that has to be done with enjoyment.

I have built this hand care habit myself with trial and error over time and whenever I go back to it my hands are joyful.

Do you have a handcare routine you follow? Let me know below.

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